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Waylon Jennings Untitled Waltz Lyrics

Last updated: 07/05/2012 12:00:00 PM

Well I've got an old friend, he's wilder than you are
I don't understand how he stays on his feet
Just when you're thinking he's gonna go too far
He pulls it all in and he don't miss a beat

He's walked beside me, he's never denied me
If hee had to hide me then by God he would
One thing he taught that I carry inside me
We all got where we are as fast as we could

Saints are just sinners who never quit tryin'
Losers are winners who pick their own day
And we're all just beginners when it comes time for dyin'
But rest your mind easy 'cause you'll die anyway

Well I heard of this poet, come hell or high water
Wrote a new poem a day every day of the week
I asked what if some days don't work like they oughta
He said I lower my standards and I get me some sleep


So you judges and juries and wild vigilantes
If you got my number, my number's been changed
Me and my woman gonna lay around this shanty
Keep makin' love 'til that's all that remains


Rest your mind easy 'cause you'll die...anyway