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Akon [Untitled Track] Lyrics

Last updated: 05/29/2008 11:00:00 AM

Yo Yo Yo my name is Bloo
Like 50 cent I wanna get to know you
Y'all know my skillz are mad hot
So dont be hatin' on what i got

I'll show y'all puerto ricans can rap too
then you'll realize this is how we do
so im gonna finish up this lil thang im spittin'
Cause when im done y'all gon be trippin'

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im sur that a fake thug rote this and not akon | Reviewer: Ce | 5/29/2008

your rimes are notting stop acting like a little
fucking ghetto boy cause im sure your not.!!
if u think a thug is hot well i don't ..i think that their juste tring to be something their not insted of being who their really are and that's my definition of a thug ..!! a fake person that tries to be like their mama by whering a dress cause their t-shirt are too long whit thoes pants that dosen't hide notting and that a falling down no wonder you walk like a drunk
pepeole all the time that's because its the only way your pants dosen't fall ..!!
i am far from being a poups or barbie cause i ain't tring to imatate no one ,and i don't need to sell drugs to make monney i work hard to have what i want.. and when i have what i want its because somewere i deserved it

im not saying that all pepeole are like that but if you feel concernd weel that's not my probleme
i just can't pepeole le that and this is why.!!
and if your not happy whit wath i say well right me a msg i will make a plesure but not reading it :P i just don't give a fuck ..!!

if i right badly the words its because im french
but that don't matther cause i know what i'm righting and its true .!!

AKON | Reviewer: G-money-dogg | 6/2/2007

Akon and young jeeezzyy tryna takit eeezzyy da only waay too go go go and so so so so .........if u looking me i'll be on da block when da thing tak yatiyatiyatiii