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Unsilent Phenomenon Biography

Last updated: 06/15/2006

UNSILENT PHENOMENON (UP) as a music band was found in 2003 in Taganrog, Russia. Former musicians of the band LOKSODROMA formed the main stuff of UP, and the power-metal style turned into the melodic-death-metal stream. All the songs are performed in English. Lyrics are based on the mystical exploration of the dark sides of human soul.

The band took part in many concerts and festivals of hard rock music, where their own songs were represented and some cover-versions of songs of such groups as Helloween, Children Of Bodom, Arch Enemy, etc.

In spring of 2005 the musicians of UP finished recording their demo-album "The Renouncement", which included 6 songs selected from the band’s repertory. All the songs are united with the conceptual idea based on the mystical plot.

For the time being UP is searching for the record label to conclude a contract with for further professional musical work.

Max Kljuchnikov: Guitars & Vocals
Sergey Balyakin: Guitars
Konstàntin Adàmenko: Bass Guitar
Anton Topchàev: Keyboards
Aleksàndr Bozhenko: Drums