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Red Roses For A Blue Lady Unseen Or Unscene Lyrics

Last updated: 02/18/2003 09:20:50 PM

I want to open your chest and fix your insecurities... to touch your everything and fix your insecurities... show me how to walk not noticing infatuation with you and your hair and your body swaying, moving so away from me... I'm loving you, every little you, leaving me behind and alone, drinking myself dead alone... waiting solo by the phone, by the door waiting to be by your side to take the first step you're terified to take to beginn with... with every step away from me that you walk the craving of your lips and mine multiplies one thousand times the urge I have to sweep you from your feet... so don't measure my feelings in anger because these words come straight from my heart, taunting and tearing and I'm falling apart with every breath I take... I will always love you