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Big Head Todd & the Monsters Universal Mom Lyrics

Last updated: 08/06/2003 11:42:13 PM

You can't try to keep what you've given away
Oh, be still
Watch them, still, let them fall down
You're wasting your life trying to rescue the day
All your steel, iron will won't break this frozen ground
I know you're needing the time
Love has something for you let yourself take it
Oh my lady, tonight I want to sail to the moon and we're gonna make it
But I'm gonna need your help
You're head's somewhere else,
but you're wanting to stay
Helplessness, wordlessness, why do you let yourself worry this way?
So let there be shelter to make some mistakes
I will, you will, never control what we create
But I'm gonna need your help
I'll tiller the soil if you tend to the bloom
Heaven flower, sun shower, let the earth move
We'll light up the world if you give us the room
Off that dress and smile to set the children of the world to rest