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Common Universal Mind Control Lyrics

Last updated: 12/22/2008 11:00:00 AM

get-get it, get-get it, get-get it

This is that automatic, I stay fresh like im wrapped in plastic
Baat goes faster, see galactic, southside form, we cadillac it
charismatic, asiatic, i hustle for mathematics
cameras action, change the status, act on top with your favorite actress
Gucci rocking, Guchees popping, movie watching, boots dropping, Body moving
going grooving, styling and being fly

I touch the masses like a catholic, expensive rap shit. my future's backlit
(DJ REEEFLEX causes me unable to hear this part) I van-ac can trap your re-ac
so let's go, uh!

This is that new shit, keep standing in line. that universal mind control, so move yo behind
you know you like it, its calling yo name, nigga!
This is that new shit, and i dont feel the same
its the: dang digga dang dang dang dang, bom de bom digga dang

some pop, some lock, some move robotic
im like cash money i stay in pocket, you MCs ra-ra-rockem stop it
Chicks exotic, mix hypnotic, superhero boy, im bionic
You a fan-boy, better hustle up ima supersonic
Girl you been out on it, you can strip like comic
and dress the Malotic, techno-tronic