Union Underground Lyrics

by Michelle McMullan

It's 3 o'clock in the afternoon, and Bryan Scott sounds
like he's been up for days. One of the handful of fortunate
bands to participate in this year's blockbuster "Ozzfest"
tour, Union Underground's lead singer is tired, but still
going strong. "We're leaving for Europe for three weeks,
then back home for like a day, then we're doing Ozzfest for
like three months". Fatigued but eager to talk about his
band, Scott begins recounting the life of a hard working
musician on his way to the top, and his participation More...

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Review about Union Underground songs

Revo | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Across The Nation performed by Union Underground

this song inspires me to bring the sleeping giant inside of me out, only to continue multiplying the army of true musicians against this world, industry, whatever sounds more rebellious to you fools

Short & Sweet Band Life | Reviewer: KRC3
    ------ About the song Trip with Jesus performed by Union Underground

The Union Underground was short lived and made only 1 studio album , that said , ...An Education In Rebellion was by far one of the best made altogether albums , if not the , ever . In most albums , you only really hear about one or two songs out of an entire 13 songs .(rap proves this , a slim amount of decent songs makes it a bestseller) ...An Education In Rebellion has 11 tracks , and out of 11 the songs that make it shine , the list of these is on the back of the case . I could preach Bryan Scott's skill in the time (A Cult To Follow was a disappointing follow-up) butt the album speaks for itself.

love it. | Reviewer: emili
    ------ About the song South Texas Deathride performed by Union Underground

im addicted to this song! it so rocks.. now heres a question though, people...

what if i was your guide? hahaha. =]

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