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Avenged Sevenfold Unholy Confessions Lyrics

Last updated: 07/08/2013 06:49:03 PM

"I'll try!" she said as he walked away,
"try not to lose you."
Two vibrant hearts could change.
Nothing tears the being more than deception,
unmasked fear.
"I'll be here waiting" tested and secure.

Nothing hurts my world,
just affects the ones around me.
When sin's deep in my blood,
you'll be the one to fall.

"I wish I could be the one,
the one who won't care at all.
But being the one on the stand,
I know the way to go, no one's guiding me.
When time soaked with blood turns its back,
I know it's hard to fall.
Confided in me was your heart.
I know it's hurting you, but it's killing me."

Nothing will last in this life
our time is spent constructing,
now you're perfecting a world... meant to sin.
Constrict your hands around me,
squeeze till I cannot breathe,
this air tastes dead inside me,
contribute to our plague.
Break all your promises,
tear down this steadfast wall,
restraints are useless here,
tasting salvation's near.


Nothing hurts my world,
just affects the ones around me
When sin's deep in my blood,
you'll be the one to fall.

"I wish I could be the one,
the one who won't care at all
But being the one on the stand,
I know the way to go, no one's guiding me.
When time soaked with blood turns its back,
I know it's hard to fall.
Confided in me was your heart.
I know it's hurting you, but it's killing me."


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avenged sevenfold | Reviewer: Pink Charmandwr | 7/8/13

Oh my god. I thought the arguing on YouTube was pretty damn annoying.. If you don't like this song, then why look up the lyrics?
I'm a fan of every music genre, which can be seen as unusual but I listen to what I like, and it doesn't even matter, because one day I'll listen to Bruno Mars, the Next Megadeth and ACDC,can't we all settle our different music tastes.. And listen to something we both like? It brings people together. If you have a negative opinion of Avenged Sevenfold, the last place you'd want to put it is on a place where a hell of a lot of their fans would be. :) I love Avenged Sevenfold.

a7x forever! <333 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/23/12

A7x, in my opinion, is amazing. Matthew sanders has such an angelic voice. You can just tell they put so much strength & effort into each song. They worked hard to be where they are at, so for all of you that bash them, grow up. Leave your hateful comments to yourself. :3

It's my life~! | Reviewer: Denmark | 4/11/12

I dont give a shit wht ppls talks. musix iz mah Life and A7X is the Rhythm of it. Like the ways of M. Shadow screaming out loud.
It doesn't means that i dislike other bands too. I listn to every bands and enjoy myself at the fullest. But in my view; A7X will be the Rhythm of musiz. Hell Yaahh!!!

Really guys? | Reviewer: CharlieJRClaridge | 1/11/12

Seriously, let's just calm down. Music is different and sometimes can't be compared with each other. Linkin Park and Avenged Sevenfold both play entirely differing sounding music to each other. Can't we just agree to disagree? See the merit in both bands and leave it at that? Different guys are gonna like different music. Just stop being so close-minded and intolerant. Oh, by the way, some Avenged Sevenfold fans are way too dillusional, stop disregarding everyone else's opinions because they ma have said something which vaguely represented criticism. Get the fuck over yourselves.

wow! | Reviewer: angel | 12/6/11

ok so some dont like the band but do you think that some of us like the band cuz we can sometimes relate to them in a way. i mean come on poeple get your heads out of your a$$ and listen to the meaning of the songs more. maybe you will figure out what they are really about.

too the fans | Reviewer: Cradle Casey | 12/1/11

Yes some A7X fans are obsessive. take in the fact that there are no a7x inspirations because there fairly new. mercyful fate musically and litteraly made extreme metal possible. but this bands memebers are unsung heroes due too there devlish themes and king diamonds very aquired tastful voice. These guys inspired metallica, cradle of filth and just about every band but i dont complain about there lack of recognition. While this seems like a MF rant the point is in due time bands will come out too say a7x inpire them and there already are bands (while i cant name them seeing i hate most modern metal) coming up saying a7x and others inspire

Love Unholy Confessions | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/5/11

I'm writing this in class so I'd better watch out! I agree with the guy who says "Rinnegan should get laid." You may not view A7x the way us diehards do, but it doesn't mean you have to tell us about it. Tell your friends, or the people who agree with you. And Avenged sevenfold inspired my band, Romeomustdie.

Wow a7x is an awsome band | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/27/11

They may have never got a huge medal as metalica or whoever but they show real things in this world. They show you what realy happens. It isant so bs anser or bs stuff. They realy are a great band. May not be as popular but they are beter then most metal bands and the one who listed all the major bands you just dont like the way a7x does there music and thats ok just dont bag the fans. Ever fan of one band does the same even you do to a serten band even if u dont know! So dont harp on a7x fans! Specaly what we went trough. Well the true fans!

There's a lot of love lacking in this world... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/27/11

I think Rinnegan needs to get laid, love someone and learn a little bit of English... Dude, A7X fans may be a little fanatic, but it's who they are and you have to learn to accept people's opinions even if they differ from yours. Stop judging people and get a life...

The fans | Reviewer: Rinnegan | 8/15/11

I like some a7x's song such as unholy confesion.but all of u have to know 1 thing,i hate the a7x's fans.they all to fanatic. they think if a7x is the best metal band.but i disagree.there are to many metal bands that better than a7x.take a look to metallica,slipknot,s.o.a.d,korn,caliban,dying fetus,lamb of god,etc.
I think a7x just nothing.every one knows if metallica inspire a lot of metal band,how about a7x,,,nothing.....
How do u think about my argument a7x's fanatic fans?better if u listening to obituary's or hatebreed's song,it will better

silly, silly, silly... | Reviewer: Hales | 6/6/11

Look at all you silly fuckers arguing over what band is better. Who cares? It's your opinion and you are entitled to it, but everyone else is entitled to their own. It's all petty shit. No matter if you like Lady Gaga, a7x, or George Strait...just let the music embrace your soul and take you away. What's the point in bashing others for whatever music or band they love? Just roll with it.

Danger line | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/16/11

Matt, u make me g0 so craxier.... I like u so much..... I like y0ur evry s0ng specialy danger line..... G0 on a7x. U're the best r0ck band of da w0rld..... The best r0ck ever..... Matt, i like you, i like you s0 much. I l0ve you m0re than ma bf....

Go A7X | Reviewer: A7X lover | 2/10/11

Why even try to compare A7X to LP?!?! Idiots
It ain't even a compition you retards! A7x wins
In a heartbeat dumbbells!!!!! Matt Shadows
kicks butt!!! A7X is number one, and Rev, you
will dearly be missed. Happy trails Rev. Matt, I am
your BIGGEST fan ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry bout all the exclamation
marks but I wanted to prove my point, you don't
need to sing Johnny Christ!!!! You rock Gates and
Vengence!!! You'll always be my favorite band!!!

OML | Reviewer: Will | 1/26/11

You don't have to argue. They're both good, and he's right, they're not even the same genre. Avenged Sevenfold is a good metal band, linkin park kinda covers all kinds of rock. Don't need to pick sides, or be on any kind of bandwagon, you can like them all.

lp and a7x | Reviewer: Jimmy | 1/19/11

lol i like how you guys are actually arguing over whos better, its not even a question!! obviously A7X is the best. theres not even a question there! no matter what, lp's best song vs a7x's worst, A7X would still win.