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Unexpect Biography

Last updated: 08/26/2004 11:07:00 PM

Anno 1996.....Artagoth and Zircon play together as a trash metal act with young unknown musicians. The band was then called Unexpected and influenced by American bands like Metallica, Death, Slayer and Megadeth. By the end of the year, Syriak and a drummer called Ben Gélinas joined the ranks, adding a different touch to the music. It is in this period that the band's name became unexpecT… deforming the original word to nullify the original meaning while keeping this pretty succession of letters. The drummer left in the end of 1997 and Lunorin, who was Syriak's old time’s friend, boarded the ship. Then, the chemistry blew its way out of the cell. The old material almost all scraped as the band reshaped old songs and composed new ones more in the European vein ( having discovered bands like At the Gates, In Flames, Emperor, Moonspell, Arcturus, Dissection and Dark Tranquillity ). Finding restrictive the fact of being only four and disapproving the lack of texture in their music, they conjured up two other childhood friends of Syriak and Lunorin : Merzenya and le bateleur ( the classical formation of these four bringing a new vision ). In the same era, a singing lady named Elda joined the band for the crazy ride. They entered studio for the first time in summer 1998, very/too soon after the integration of the others. Later on, after many explorations, Zircon, Elda and Merzenya quietly left UNEXPECT for personal reasons in 2001. In this time of metamorphosis, Lunorin shapechanged into ExoD, burned his drum and became the new keyboardist. A young devilish clown named ChaotH took on the bass position with his 7 strings child and has been drinking madly as a cursed poet since then… a sweet dancing maiden with an aerial voice going under the name of Leïlindel stepped forth; and later on, period 2003, Landryx entered the unexpecT cast to fill the martyr position : skin beater.

Since their origin, UNEXPECT … released a full length album called Utopia which saw the day in 1999, critically acclaimed by many countries around the world with no distribution whatsoever and with internet as only support. A new era began for these sound-painters with the release of a new surreal opus called ‘’ _wE, Invaders ‘’ in November 2003. This EP, released on the label Galy Records in America, caused quite a positive stir with the critics and is the glorious introduction to the following album currently in progress that will smash the dull boundaries of vile standards. In may of 2004 they were signed to The End Records; a new relation that should lead their ambitions to their far reaching goals…the future is set for a coloured ride, indeed…

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