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UNEARTH are a hardcore hybrid combining crushing metal with
uplifting lyrics. They formed in 1998 in eastern
Massachusetts with the intention of bringing fresh,
emotionally charged songs to the metal genre. Combining the
fundamentals of metal with a novel, new school urgency,
Unearth weave elegant harmonies with stark brutality. Their
lyrical focus does not fall into step with common metal
troops. They steer away from the common contrived ballads
of destruction, hatred and ill will toward man. They draw
upon their collective More...

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Reviews about Unearth songs

Great lyrics | Reviewer: Softy
    ------ About the song Zombie Autopilot performed by Unearth

Unearth kick some serious arse (got put onto them by a friend). The lyrics are well done, very few bands manage anecdotal lines in a song with such a bleak 'but true' lyrical content without sounding cheesy. Kudos.

Dis song is hard!! | Reviewer: Michael McCain
    ------ About the song Zombie Autopilot performed by Unearth

Yo I love the different beats this song has in it. This type of song bring u to life and makes u want to really rock on. Ah bo I give a big shoutout to unearth and they need to make more songs likes this one and maybe I'll listen to them more but as for this song no complains, whenever I feel like rockin on I'll turn to this song for my hype.

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