Unearth Albums

  • Darkness in the Light Album (7/5/2011)
    Watch It Burn
    Ruination of the Lost
    Shadows in the Light
    Eyes of Black
    Last Wish
    Arise the War Cry
    Coming of the Dark
    The Fallen

  • Our Days Of Eulogy Album (11/15/2005)
    My Heart Bleeds No Longer (Live)
    Fuel The Fire (Live)
    Only The People (Live)
    Internal War (Live)
    One Step Away (Live)
    Internal War
    The Charm
    My Desire
    Shattered By The Sun
    Call To Judgement

  • The Oncoming Storm Album (6/29/2004)
    The Great Dividers
    This Lying World
    Black Hearts Now Reign
    Zombie Autopilot
    Bloodlust Of The Human Condition
    Lie To Purify
    Predetermines Sky
    False Idols

  • Above the Fall of Man Album (11/12/2002)
    Call To Judgement
    Shattered By The Sun

  • Endless Album (9/17/2002)
  • The Stings of Conscience Album (1/16/2001)

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    Reviews about Unearth albums

    INSANE ALBUM | Reviewer: anthony passarelli
        ------ About the album The Oncoming Storm performed by Unearth

    every metal fan should own this album, the breakdowns are crazy. You can listen to this album in one sitting without having to skip tracks. Every song is great. If you like chimaira you will love this band. If they continue to keep their music this good they will be big soon!

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