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Undun Biography

Last updated: 05/11/2005 03:17:42 AM


Undun was brought forth from the essence of pure musical passion in September of the year 2001. Although the band has changed and adapted since then, they still draw forth from the pure source from whence their music was founded, the raw, primal, force of emotion.

It was a warm late summer day when Oshua, former guitarist of a band known to many in denver as Burn Circuit, decided to stop by his old friend Pappy's work. The two old friends sat there, talking for a while, and Oshua mentioned that he wasn't with Burn Circuit anymore. One thing led to another, and eventually the two of them decided that they would start a new band.

It was shortly after this that the hands of fate reached down unto the earth and gave the band that did not yet exist another shove forward. Beef had known Oshua while he was in Burn Circuit, and had heard that he was no longer with them so he made a random phone call to Oshua and asked him if he would like to come over and jam. Beef was also interested in starting a new band. The two jammed for several hours and decided to head over to their local favorite watering hole, Cafe Netherworld. A few beers into the early evening, Oshua mention that he was starting a new band and they were auditioning singers and drummers. So the stage was set...

Beef showed up to his first audition not quite knowing what to expect. Having heard Oshua's old band play several times he was expecting to see keyboards and computers all over the place. Instead what he saw was the lobby of a maaco, with a little practice bass amp, 1 guitar amp, and a little 100-watt PA system.

Beef wasn't quite sure what to do at first. Oshua and Pappy began running through songs that they had written and the first one they played for Beef was caged. As they played it he couldn't even sing, he just stood there, amazed. It was pretty much the same through the entire first audition. Beef told the other two that he would come back with some lyrics for one song the next practice, and so he did.

After that, the search began for a drummer, and for a name. The latter of the two proved to be the easier. One day while once again at Cafe Netherworld, Oshua ran into a old long-time friend. They got to talking about the band and of course the friend asked about the name of the band. Oshua, having had a few too many Bud's and Jagers, replied, "well right now we are undone."

That is an awesome name! You should keep it!

And so it was that we became known as undun.

So we finally had a name, and we had 5 songs, but still we had no drummer. Fate it seemed was holding out on us, until once more, through the mysts of Chaos, salvation was found.

Beef was walking around the grocery store our heroes like to refer to as "Queen Soopers" gathering neccessities such as microwave burritoes and mountain dew when, out of the corner of his eyes, he saw the word "DRUM" on a shirt. Here stood a boy, 18 or 19 at best wearing a shirt that said drum, but he was getting away quickly! Beef chased him down and finally caught up with him in the meat isles, while shouting for him across the store, much to the discomfort of the patrons and the drummer.

Chewy was then initiated into our circle, he was to be the pulse of undun. And so they were off, and they didn't stop. In the first 6 monthes of 2002 the band played over 30 shows.

It was early 2003 now, the band had been playing out just over a year, they had released a single, and had just finished recording an ep. It was time for a change, time to move forward. It was in February of 2003 that fate completed the circle. Scotty called.

Scotty came in, pounding hard on his drums as he came and we knew then that we were complete, ready to move forward. The rest is ancient future.