Underworld Albums

  • Barking Album (9/2/2010)
    Bird 1
    Always Loved a Film
    Hamburg Hotel
    Between Stars
    Diamond Jigsaw
    Moon in Water

  • Oblivion With Bells Album (10/3/2007)
    Beautiful Burnout
    Holding the Moth
    To Heal
    Ring Road
    Glam Bucket
    Boy, Boy, Boy
    Cuddle Bunny vs The Celtic Villages
    Faxed Invitation
    Good Morning Cockerel
    Best Mamgu Ever
    Loads of Birds

  • A Hundred Days Off Album (5/1/2002)
    Mo Move
    Two Months Off
    Sola Sistim
    Little Speaker
    Ess Gee
    Dinosaur Adventure 3D
    Ballet Lane

  • Beaucoup Fish Album (3/1/1999)
    Push Upstairs
    Shudder / King Of Snake
    Bruce Lee
    Push Downstairs
    Something Like A Mama

  • Second Toughest In The Infants Album (3/12/1996)
  • Dub No Bass With My Head Man Album (12/1/1993)
  • Change The Weather Album (5/1/1989)
  • Underneath the Radar Album (3/1/1988)

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    Reviews about Underworld albums

    Top 10 Album | Reviewer: Auzzie Wazza
        ------ About the album Underneath the Radar performed by Underworld

    I originally bought this album on cassette after seeing Underworld perform "Underneath the Radar" live on the "Hey Hey Its Saturday" television show here in Australia, primarily just for Underneath the Radar!
    Immediately after listening to this album with its upbeat licks, It was a definate addittion to my favourite "Top 10" albums.
    Even after all these years, I have finally brought the CD and it hasn't lost any of its appeal. In fact, I have introduced my wife to the album and she is also now a big fan!
    It sounds cliche, but your collection would not be complete without this album.

    exellent | Reviewer: Anonymous
        ------ About the album A Hundred Days Off performed by Underworld

    this is a exellent album, is very soft, comparated to older ones, but still nice. very good

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