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Sugarcult Underwear Lyrics

Last updated: 01/28/2008 10:00:00 AM

Take a life
and hold it underwater
Wash the hands of all these things i've done
If the body moves inside the closet
all we do is stare
while shes in her underwear

All the eyes
On every sunday paper
Pictures of the horrid things i've done
If i didnt act on my addictions
then we couldnt stare
while shes in her underwear

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Oddly.. inspirational | Reviewer: Emily | 1/28/2008

I discoved this song similarly to how the previous rewier had-- by accident. "Start Static" was playing as I slept, and I woke up to an unfamiliar song. Passing it off as a dream or what not, I wen't back to sleep. When i woke up I remembered hearing an extra song on the album, so I searched the disc until I found it.
The song reminds me of 1920's 'gangster' activity. For that reason, I love it. =)
It's been of inspiration to me to write a book, which I hope I can complete within my lifetime.

Looooove this song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/12/2007

OMG! This is an amazing song. Totally found it by accident on the Start Static CD when I couldn't be bothered to turn off my cd player and then this started playing! Soooo amazing, not at all what you'd expect from them but they pull it off brilliantly! Became my favourite track and had it on repeat constantly!