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Undercroft Biography

Last updated: 01/09/2003 10:25:51 PM

Claudio Illanes - Guitar
Pablo Cortéz - Drums
Alvaro Lillo - Bass & Vocals

Born in the middle of the second wave of Chilean Metal, UNDERCROFT has always been one of the supreme acts in the scene of the extreme music in South America.

The band starts in the early 90's, and lives all the classic underground's troubles. But this problems doesn't count when you've the Metal in your blood. In 1993, UNDERCROFT recorded their 2 acclaims demos, To The Final Battle (July) and Demons Awake, Revenge Is Near (November). With this productions the band do a lots of shows, in all the stages where was needed.

The answer from the Chilean crow was very warming, the demos sold all the copies, and UNDERCROFT began to gain respect from all the musicians and metalheads of the country, and also, a lot of good reviews from many 'zines of America & Europe. As a proof, the band had the job of open a Kreator's show in Santiago, Chile, in 1994.

In the late of 1994, the band enters to the studio, to make their debut album, Twisted Souls, the first CD of brutal metal done anytime in Chile. The recording was full of sickness and brutality, and finally everybody just had to crown UNDERCROFT as one of the most important bands, and also, as the most impacting live show.