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Edguy Under The Moon Lyrics

Last updated: 04/09/2004 10:15:41 PM

Now if you gaze up to the moon
See she’s become as blood and soon
The time is right:
We gotta pave the way

You gather silk to weave the net
Entrap the strongest you can get
A soul that’s ready to return again

See the purity shining from his eyes
A newborn angel
To help the chosen ones rise

Blood red prophet in the sky
We’re standing under the moon
Come down with fire
See the creature come alive
Standing under the moon
Come down with fire

Down with fire
Down with fire

Good intentions raise a mind
A new messiah to judge the blind
Kill off the fools
Who bar my pure and holy plan

We lead creation by the nose
To bring divinity to those
Who know tonight a golden age begins

Divine is the spirit
Into a terrestrial shell
A savior of human blood
Lead us to somewhere
To heaven or hell

Blood red prophet in the sky…
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