Ultravox Albums

  • Revelation Album (6/17/1993)
    I Am Alive
    Systems of Love
    Perfecting the Art of Common Ground
    The Great Outdoors
    The Closer I Get to You
    No Turning Back
    True Believer
    The New Frontier

  • Lament Album (12/1/1984)
    White China
    One Small Day
    Dancing With Tears in My Eyes
    Man of Two Worlds
    Heart of the Country
    When the Time Comes
    A Friend I Call Desire

  • Quartet Album (12/1/1982)
    Reap the Wild Wind
    Mine for Life
    Visions in Blue
    When the Scream Subsides
    We Came to Dance
    Cut and Run
    The Song (We Go)

  • Rage in Eden Album (12/1/1981)
    The Voice
    We Stand Alone
    Rage in Eden
    I Remember (Death in the Afternoon)
    The Thin Wall
    Stranger Within
    Accent on Youth
    The Ascent
    Your Name (Has Slipped My Mind Again)
    I Never Wanted to Begin
    Paths and Angels
    I Never Wanted to Begin [12" Version]

  • Vienna Album (12/1/1980)
  • Systems of Romance Album (12/1/1978)
  • Ultravox Album (12/1/1977)
  • Ha! Ha! Ha! Album (12/1/1977)

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