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Ultramagnetic MC's Biography

Last updated: 01/14/2006

The Ultramagnetic MC's was founded in 1984 by Ced Gee, Kool Keith, and Moe Love. They had a member named Rooney Roon, but he got arrested and so they brought in TR Love, and later Tim Dog. TR and Ced Gee did alot of the producing. There first album Critical Beatdown is an underground classic. After that they disapeared for a couple of years. They resurfaced on Polygram/Mercury records in 1992 with there next album Funk Your Head Up. It was'nt the same as Critical Beatdown. It was later revealed that there original stuff was remixed by some A&R Producers, TR Love stated that the only way to release that album was to get them to remix it. Then 1993 saw the release of The Four Horsemen. After that Ced Gee sold a bunch of old demos to Tuff City causing a series of Basement Tapes, and them going on a hiatus. In 1997 they did a reunion for B-sides companion. In 2000 Ced Gee founded The Factshen. A record Company and Clothing line along with newcomer Graphiq. Then in 2005 Kool Keith stated they reunited and are working on a new album which was released in January of 2007 it's called: The Best Kept Secret.

Thanks to MC Bucky for submitting the biography.