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Ulrik Munther Biography

Last updated: 07/05/2012 12:00:00 PM

Ulrik Munther started out as an internet phenomena and is now one of Sweden’s most talented singer-songwriters. Without a record company’s promotion department or a booking agent on quick dial, at the time, 16-year old Ulrik got millions of views on YouTube, appeared on several big TV shows and toured constantly over a year. During the latter half of 2010 Ulrik got signed to Universal Music Sweden.

In fact Ulrik has a simple story: he started to write songs when he was 13 years old, as a 15 year old he won the Melody Grand Prix Nordic with his own song ”An ordinary day”. The year after he came in second place in Metro Music Challenge with his own composition ”Life” (reaching the same place as Erik Hassle the year before).

The producer Johan Åberg got the chance to hear Ulrik’s new songs, saw and heard the potential and started a musical cooperation. At his childhood home outside Gothenburg Ulrik started writing songs on the weekdays and got on the train Friday after school.

- It’s an amazing time in my life. I commute to Stockholm on the weekends to record the songs I write on weekdays. The fact that this is topped by showcases in USA, UK and Germany doesn’t make life less fun so to speak, were the words of, at the time, 16-year old Ulrik when everything started to kick in.

Ulrik’s music got over one million views on YouTube and interest from record labels in other countries was soon a fact. After the song Boys don’t cry was leaked on the Internet a unique journey starts. No less than twenty American and English record companies reached for the phone. Within four weeks Ulrik was flown to Los Angeles, New York, London and other European cities. His music has since then been synched in Skate Films, TV-shows and other ads.

In September 2010 Ulrik signed with Universal Music in Sweden (for Scandinavia only). Parts of the album are recorded in Stockholm, but a large portion of the production and recording is done in Ulrik’s own home in Gothenburg.

- Yes, it’s an odd feeling to sit with your guitar, the piano or the drums in my room (it’s true, he has drums at home!) and suddenly think that this will be released all over the world. It’s a bit strange as I’ve done this all my life, laughs Ulrik.

The debut single “Boys Don’t Cry”, released in January 2011, got great international attention in blogs such as A&R blog Crazed Hits and Perez Hilton and reached gold sales on the charts. The debut album was released in August and went straight to nr one on the charts and singles “Boys Don’t Cry” and “Kill For Lies” are played frequently. In the end of 2011 the launch of Ulrik in France starts and leading radio stations (NRJ) immediately start playing his music.

In February 2012 Ulrik competes in Swedish Melodifestivalen (Swedish competition for Eurovision Song Contest) with the song “Soldiers” that goes straight to finals, has over five million views on YouTube an intense summer tour ahead.