Ugly Kid Joe Albums

  • Stairway To Hell Album (8/1/2012)
    Devil's Paradise
    You Make Me Sick
    No One Survives
    I'm Alright
    Love Ain't True!
    Another Beer

  • Motel California Album (10/22/1996)
    It's A Lie
    Would You Like To Be There
    Little Red Man
    Bicycle Wheels
    12 Cents

  • Menace to Sobriety Album (11/1/1995)
    Tomorrow's World
    C. U. S. T.
    Milkman's Son
    Cloudy Skies
    Jesus Rode A Harley
    Candle Song
    Slower Than Nowhere

  • America's Least Wanted Album (6/1/1992)
    Goddamn Devil
    Come Tomorrow
    Panhandlin' Prince
    Busy Bee
    Don't Go
    So Damn Cool
    Same Side
    Cats In The Cradle
    I'll Keep Tryin'
    Everything About You
    Madman (92' Re-Mix)
    Mr. Recordman

  • As Ugly as They Wanna Be Album (6/1/1991)

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    Reviews about Ugly Kid Joe albums

    lost and found | Reviewer: jeff
        ------ About the album Menace to Sobriety performed by Ugly Kid Joe

    i once had this album when i was in the navy. i used to listen to it all the time at work. my biggest mistake was to lend it out and of course it was never returned. i've been trying to find a new copy , but no one carries it. i would love to have a new copy to add to my ugly kid joe collection. the band rocks, wish they were still around.

    too good | Reviewer: razeev
        ------ About the album America's Least Wanted performed by Ugly Kid Joe

    the album is a terrific one an album which is good to listen at any time any where

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