Ugly Casanova Lyrics

According to legend, "Ugly Casanova" is the pen name used
by a crazed Modest Mouse fan named Edgar Graham who broke
into the band's show in Denver in 1998. Intrigued by the

man's journals full of potential song lyrics, frontman
Issac Brock assembled a hodgepodge of Pacific Northwestern
friends to realize some of the words as songs in 2000. The
resulting album, Sharpen Your Teeth, appeared in May 2002
on Sub Pop. In this incarnation, Ugly Casanova was the work
of Brock, Brian Deck and Tim Rutili (of Califone and Red
Red Meat), More...

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Review about Ugly Casanova songs
Pointless | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Barnacles performed by Ugly Casanova

To me this song is about pointlessness. Specifically probably in the form of a relationship that is doomed, but it could be about anything.

Black glass comes up many times in the lyrics and then there's the line : " black glass, dirt based soap, telling yourself what you already know" where he's just listing pointless things.

Barnacles on a point are so pointless they don't even know when to let go. Much like the relationship that lived on but should have ended years ago.

It's really a beautiful, genius song. Isaac Brock does it again!

suggested modifications | Reviewer: wem3
    ------ About the song Smoke Like Ribbons performed by Ugly Casanova

This is one of my favorite Ugly Casanova tunes, and the inscrutability/flexibility/mutability of their lyrics is one of the things that draws me most to this band.

That said, I personally hear/spell a few lines a little differently. I may be damn wrong, if there is a right.

song bird shivery --> songbird shivaree (like a wedding racket)

'lawty lawty loved him' --> 'lordy lord I'd love to' or maybe 'lordy lordy love to' (wouldn't shock me in the slightest if it changes a little from iteration to iteration)

stark don't give a flat fuck --> stars don't give a flat fuck

Only the last one really changes the way I interpret this song much, but I always thought of it in terms of singing about one's intentions in the face of an apathetic universe that cares not what you care for. I could see it being 'lordy lord(y/ I) loved him' just as easily without much disruption of this reading, but stark? Nah. That don't seem like their style...

some apprecation | Reviewer: TPJD
    ------ About the song Hotcha Girls performed by Ugly Casanova

hadnt litstened to this song in some time, but was bought back to it. It is a deeply desolate song for me. observing of a lot of things that might catch you unawares in a darker frame of mind. its good to listen to music that resonates with you 1% of the time. keeps you safe.

i dont need to see, i dont see how you see out of your window | Reviewer: moby crapbag mac
    ------ About the song Barnacles performed by Ugly Casanova

Haha this song makes me think of the times we'd shoot up herion in my car, loitering in some random parking lot and we'd just listen to music and talk and talk. And we'd talk about how life would be so much better if we could cover the windows with sticky notes so we couldn't see anything anymore. Let me in, let me in, please come out.

barnacles | Reviewer: devan
    ------ About the song Barnacles performed by Ugly Casanova

The part of the song that states "I don't know me and you don't know you so we fit so good together cause I knew you like I knew myself...we clung on like barnacles on a boat even though the ship sinks you knew you can't let go" to me it's treasury about being in a relationship and no know the person you're with and simply feeling bad about the while know it's going to end but you don't want to face it..something like that

Amazing | Reviewer: Dementor
    ------ About the song Barnacles performed by Ugly Casanova

I can't believe this song hasn't been commented on yet. This is probably my favorite UC song.

I feel that line "We clung on like barnacles on a boat, even though the ship sinks you can't let go." really speaks to me. I think it describes humanity in a such a simple yet deeply meaningful way.

We just cling on to life, even though we know we will never come out alive, and all we can do is ride the ship and hope to catch some food on the way.

Waiting to awake... | Reviewer: Repstock
    ------ About the song Hotcha Girls performed by Ugly Casanova

Deeply emotional and poignant and creates a distinct identity through the poetic visual imagery created through its lyricism. It reminds me of fall and the colors that come with it. A truly comforting song for me that creates an atmosphere of peacefulness with a subtext of bittersweet loss.

Dichtonomy of desire... | Reviewer: Kurtis Repstock
    ------ About the song So Long To The Holidays performed by Ugly Casanova

When Brock is posing the question in this song, "So long to the holidays", is he implying that he is longing for that feeling of innocence and desire to be happy that occurrs during the holidays and on Saturdays, or is it him acknowledging they are gone, and it is truthful recognition of the fact they're are not around and therefore maybe happiness will not be around either. The feel of this song, its identity, it seems to point in that direction for me. Initially, I interpreted it as him saying goodbye, a simple recognition to happinees being gone. Than I realized it also comes from this angle of earning. Not earning in the desire to be able to say goodbye, a earning that exists in those moments when we truly feel that we can obtain our own perception of who we are. That we can actually live the thoughts we have about ourselves in our minds. This song seems to have a mask on, it seems to imply two things when it only may exist at first glance as one. It is talking about a longing for the holidays, like "it's so llong till the holidays, goddamn!", and there's "So long to the holidays, have a good one, bud." Its a song sounding like two different things. This song is peaking to you and me! Jokes and what not. I'm joking, seriously.

Hypnotic, wonderfully paced song | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song So Long To The Holidays performed by Ugly Casanova

I really like listening to ths song because of its ability to entrance me in its sound. Lyrically it is very simplistic so it relies on its wonderful sounding melody to entice the listener.

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