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Prince U're Gonna C Me Lyrics

Last updated: 02/22/2006 11:00:00 AM

Eye know... I'm not gonna sleep 2nite
Cuz u're not by my side and that ain't right
Eye thought that we bought this bed 4 2
What good is it if eye'm not with you

Gimme a page on my 2-way
Eye'll hit you back with no delay
When you hear all eye've got 2 say
U're gonna c me
Whether in person or the phone
I've got 2 get you all alone
And when eye do, baby, it's on
U're gonna c me
U're gonna c me

There's never a minute that eye find
That you don't ever cross my mind
If you could just hold me tight u'd c
There is nothing harder 4 you than me


U're the reason I took a rope
& lassoed the moon
2 prove that when it comes 2 you
There's nothing that eye won't do
Eye would stare in2 the sun
If you would be mine
It's not so great a leap
Since 2 all others eye am blind

Eye know eye'm not gonna sleep 2nite
Cuz ur not by my side and that ain't right


U're gonna c me

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