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Theoretically, for a recording artist to reach the summit of his profession, hard work, total dedication, enormous talent, and an unstoppable will to succeed are essential. When sizzling sensuality, dark, handsome features, a chiseled hard body, intelligence, charisma, and a soulful, passionate, show-stopping voice are added to the equation, the sky's the limit -- the artist is TYRESE. Taking himself, his music and his impressive vocal career to an even higher level, the RCA Music Group recording phenomenon unleashes the awesome R&B power of 2000 WATTS, his electrifying, much anticipated sophomore set, featuring the seductive, body bouncing Damon Thomas (Babyface, Dru Hill) and Harvey Mason, Jr. produced lead single, "I Like Them Girls."

Needless to say, worldwide "them girls" like (no…love) TYRESE too. It's been that way since they saw him singing the praises of Coca-Cola on a now famous TV commercial a few years ago. Now, building on that auspicious introduction and the mass public adoration it perpetuated, he has a bestseller self-titled debut 1998 album to his credit (which spawned the smash hits "Sweet Lady" and "Lately"); he's graced billboards and major magazine layouts modeling designer labels like Guess, appeared in numerous national TV commercials, acted with series star Brandy in "Moesha," hosted the highly popular "MTV Jams," did a memorable cameo appearance in the MTV movie "Love Song," and has a pivotal role in John Singleton's forthcoming feature film, "Baby Boy."

The obviously ambitious, totally tireless 22-year-old is certainly busy in his quest to cover as much creative ground as possible. However, despite his many successful endeavors, singing in general, and 2000 WATTS in particular, are TYRESE's biggest and most important priorities. "Singing was and still is my first love, and it opened the doors for me in all of the other show business-related things that I do," says the warm, friendly, down-to-earth Watts, Los Angeles born and bred star, who is clearly pleased with the results of the months of extremely hard work that went into recording his second solo album. "We put everything into making it not only a good album," he insists, "but one we're all really proud of."

The prideful "we" TYRESE refers to are the outstanding writers and producers who assisted him in making 2000 WATTS the high voltage urban contemporary masterpiece it is. The stellar list includes: Babyface, Jermaine Dupri, Rodney Jerkins and Diane Warren. "When you want the best songs, you get the best producers to work with you," says TYRESE, who co-wrote most of his excellent new album's material.

Choosing just a few of the great songs that populate 2000 WATTS is like asking a loving parent to pick their favorite child. It's almost impossible. Nevertheless, the following cuts are prime examples of why long before we bid adieu to 2001, TYRESE will no doubt be one of (if not the) hottest, chart-topping male R&B/ pop star in the country.

Here are some of the musical reasons why: "I Like Them Girls," a sexy, bounce-beat anthem of female appreciation, serving up tastefully seductive lyrics, powered by TYRESE's strong voice and blazing performance; "Off The Heazy," a fine-tuned, party powered crowd pleaser, produced by platinum hit-maker Jermaine Dupri (who also turns in a solid guest rap); "I Ain't The One," a danceable, synthesized jam about an ill-fated romantic encounter with a gold digger; "I'm Sorry," a lush, dreamy new millennium ballad; "There For Me (Baby)," a cool, Babyface produced melodic journey into the heart of TYRESE's soul; and "What Am I Gonna Do," a sweet love song about the exquisite joy and subsequent pain of falling into unrequited love.

Universally relatable, there are certainly aspects and facets of TYRESE's real life included in the lyrical content of 2000 WATTS, a fact he has no qualms embracing. "I'm saying exactly what I want to say on this album," he explains. "Basically, if you want to know who I am and what I was going through at the time I was making this album, you'll hear me sing about it. But what's more important is for people who listen to it to feel they've been through some of the same situations."

The test of a true artist is the innate ability to make people identify with them and their songs. To do so means totally giving oneself to everything they vocalize. "You see, I don't just go in the studio and sing," TYRESE elaborates, "I give it my all. I go for blood and sing like I'm making my last record. Hopefully, that's what people will hear when they listen to my new album. Unlike myself, some people stop their feelings and emotions from coming from within because they're so concerned about their outer looks. But me? I'll be in the studio making a million thousand ugly faces because the only thing that matters is that I let the feeling out."

From the start, it was clear that TYRESE was destined to make something special of himself, despite having to early on deal with personal and family problems. Being forced to fend for himself, and having to often fight to survive in LA's impoverished, crime-ridden Watts ghetto, made an impact on him, but never stopped him from trying to better himself or his position in life. "It wasn't easy and I had to watch my back all of the time, but I always believed in myself, and that I could make it out of there. "Now," he says smiling, "my family and me are fine and closer than we've ever been."

TYRESE, who grew up with his mother, two sisters and an older brother, remembers singing from the time he could talk. "Music was just born in me," says the graduate of LA's Locke High School. "Listening and loving everyone from Stevie Wonder to Marvin Gaye to Jodeci and Donny Hathaway, I found myself wanting to express myself with as much honesty and soul as they had. So when I got a chance to audition for that Coke spot, I went all out to get it, although," he amusingly recalls, "I almost missed it by being two and a half hours late." Pleading with the casting people to sing for them despite his tardiness, TYRESE was allowed to do so, sang his heart out, got the job, and the rest, as they say is still history in the making.

Impressed with his now famous commercial, it wasn't long before the RCA Music Group, one of 20 labels vying for his services, signed TYRESE to a lucrative recording contract. Once TYRESE the album was released in '98, the then 19-year-old singer's star shot into orbit. A number of hits, standing ovations, an American Music Award and Grammy nomination, plus acting and modeling triumphs later, he continues to thrive artistically and mature personally. The fact is, TYRESE 2001 has come a long way from hawking Coca-Cola on a city bus. He's now one of the most recognized and respected multi-dimensional stars of his generation. He's the founder of the 2000 Watts Foundation, an organization he created though which he'll build a state-of-the-art community center in his birthplace.

Nonetheless, he remains quite humble. "Reaching this point in my career is something I'm really grateful about," says the smooth domed, chocolate Don Juan of R&B. "I also know that I couldn't be where I am without the help, support and love of my family, friends, fans, and most of all, God."

Re-addressing his hot and latest, chart-climbing effort, which, many agree is a highly satisfying creative "mixed bag," TYRESE offers an especially rare, intimate glimpse inside the heart and soul of a true urban renaissance man, wrapped in fun r&b jams, mid-tempo grooves and soaring ballads. "I'm trying to get back in touch with the oldies mindset, "he says, explaining the overall vibe of 2000 WATTS. "Anything that comes out on the radio right now is hot for the moment, sells a bunch of records, then it's over and you never want to hear it again. But there's something about r&akp;b oldies that you can play 'em today and they still sound good and make you feel good. That's what I'm trying to get back in touch with on this album, and I just hope people are going to enjoy it not just for the moment, but for many years from now."

Standing up to the test of time is something most critics, fans and peers agree that TYRESE needn't worry about. Indeed, he may have started out as a cute, product pitching diamond in the rough, but with the polished soulful performances energizing 2000 WATTS, including "I Like Them Girls," TYRESE 2001 is a 24-Karat shining star whose sparkle is blinding, and future success assured.

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babyboy | Reviewer: henry olajet | 6/2/11

iv loved u since i was a litle i listen to other songs but yours. Ur movie babyboy has given me so much courage to move on to be a man. Im from nigeria im looking forward to dat day u wil be perform here. Lol

chapter 126 | Reviewer: tshepo | 5/28/11

Paul DJ at metro fm,played the song one sunday.I went to different music stores looking for the cd,it was not there.I love the song to much,i am speechless to decribe how i feel about the song.i need the title of the cd cover.I am willing to pay the price to get the cd.TYRESE GIBSON is the man.WHERE WAS HIM ALL THIS TIME?MEETING HIM IT WILL MEAN THE WORLD TO ME,GOD BLESS.TSHEPO.

Hot Duo! | Reviewer: Lynn | 2/14/08

Tyrese...why don't you do a love song with Keyshia Cole. Do two or three of um. Both of you have perfect voices and looks. Maybe there could be some chemistry. Oh...If you have made a song with her that I don't know about please let me know. Thanks

Your Baby from GA | Reviewer: Anna | 12/5/07

Tyrese you need to know you are my baby. i wach every movie you are in because i love you. you are so sexy i would eat ice cream of your body. i alwaysed wanted to meat you!!!!!!

yur my baby | Reviewer: candy | 5/7/07

oh my dase his so sexy i cant stop thinkin abotu yu yu my fan for ever yur 2 sexy

who said you cant look good | Reviewer: gabriella | 5/4/07

sxy but yet talented succesful artist still rocks on
focused on the job
and knows how to have fun

damn he fine | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/18/06

damn he is soooooooooooooo sexy keep up the gud work baby nicole kona luvs u baby u are so beautiful all the way from the UK in Newcaslte rep ma endz

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