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Toadies Tyler Lyrics

Last updated: 07/29/2013 07:11:23 PM

And she runs through her days with a smile on her face
And she runs, and she waits, and I wait

We can drive to anyplace, day or night, to cross the state
And in the morning, into Mexico, we will wake up
yeah, we will wake up, we will yeah yeah, and I will
be with her yeah

I find a window in the kitchen, and I let myself in
Rummage through the refrigerator, find myself a beer
I can't believe I'm really here, and she's lying in that bed
I can almost feel her touch, and her anxious breath!

I stumble in the hallway, outside the bedroom door
I hear her call out to me, I hear the fear in her voice
She pulls the covers tighter, I press against the door

I will be with her tonight!

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AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Jacob | 7/29/13

this song makes you kinda wonder how a stalker feels when he stalks someone, how the stalker thinks everything is great and nothing could be better and its the best time ever. It puts a whole different idea on the stalkers mind set.

Tyler | Reviewer: Nikki | 6/16/11

I did some research and this song is actually about a serial rapist that was in Tyler, Texas. That's how the Toadies got the name Tyler for the song. They were writing the song from the perspective of the rapist. Pretty crazy, but still a great song!

Potential song meaning | Reviewer: Kraky | 3/9/11

It seems to me this song is written from the perspective of a stalker. The girl, Tyler, is trying to get away from him, driving to Mexico. He follows, thinking, as the insane tend to do, that she secretly wants him along.

Brilliantly-written song! Disturbing, but f'ing great. I mean, the scene where he breaks in through the window, pours himself a beer, stumbles in the hallway, hears her, and presses against the door as she pulls at the sheets in fear... so vivid. And the inflection on "she pulls the covers tighter" is perfect.

favorite Toadies song, maybe favorite all-time | Reviewer: CheezerRox | 2/7/09

Todd's a genius when it comes to music and lyrics. I mean, he'll write a song like "So Long Lovey Eyes" or "Mister Love," which are just plain hardcore, and then he'll go on and make songs like "Away" and "Tyler" and they're just so great, it blows your mind, man.

These lyrics in particular are great, though. I mean, when I hear that line, "we will wake up," I always like to think it's adressed to the world. The world DOES need to wake up, grow up, and listen up.

Thanks Todd.