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Not long ago - Tyga (born Michael Stevenson) was just
another kid from the hood struggling to rise above the
negativity that surrounded him. Born and raised in the
infamous Compton, CA armed with nothing but an amateur
mixtape and hunger, he built solid local buzz through
impressive live shows and an online hustle. Still, a kid
with lofty dreams wondered if he’d ever catch that “big
break”. Then one day a conversation at a popular LA sneaker
store changed everything.

In the aisle of Flight Club LA he and Travis McCoy from Gym
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Review about Tyga songs
Trash. | Reviewer: Hip-HopLover
    ------ About the song We Dem Boyz (Remix) performed by Tyga

How can anyone like this mindless trash?? I've taken poops with more lyrical content and meaning then the "songs" these idiots (Tygay, Wiz khalifag, Fat Ross, etc. constantly churn out. I get it. "Party" songs. Whens the party end? These people make the same Garbage music saying the same shit OVER and OVER and people think because the beats a little different and they say "hoe" instead of "bitch" or titties instead of "racks" it's somehow different from the same garbage that they put out last week for peoples mindless rodent attention spans.

Tyga's : bouncing on my D | Reviewer: Macki mac
    ------ About the song Bouncin' On My Dick performed by Tyga

What is happining to Hip - Hop is the question that I ask when u see this type of foolery.This is porn in a song." Shell never cheat but she gone let me hit I beat that p***** up both hands on her hips." And a list full of sexuality this is not rap its ignorence the title and lyrics are beyond me out of five stara I give it 2

(Verse 3: Tyga) | Reviewer: Jay
    ------ About the song Dope performed by Tyga

Chief rocka, pill popper
Tell them pull them things out cause my car topless
Off topic, get on top it. What's yo synopsis?
So sincere in her belly, that's that Nas shit
King announcing that gangsta shit we mobbin'
We taking your dollars creflo no white collar
I (pop pop) wish a nigga would call thomas
Bitch I'm the bomb call me the unabomber
Money in my game I'm driving shit that's insane
You niggas stay in your lane no playing ain't nothing changed
Pardon this good regime, I make your girl david blaine
Murder was the case all the kids say that nigga T-raw

this is coool | Reviewer: brittany
    ------ About the song Molly performed by Tyga

' i really likee thiss song , expesically that part when it say put it in my drinkk . hahaha " MOLLY MOLLY MOLLY MOLLY MOLLY MOLLY MOLLY MOLLY MOLLY MOLLY MOLLY MOLLY MOLLY MOLLY :) # wheres MOLLY :)

THE SHYT | Reviewer: Cornbread
    ------ About the song 187 performed by Tyga

This is Tha shit I love this shyt you did yo home work on this. I wasent a Tyga fan til 187 you did yo thing on other tracks but this one? Yea you showed up and out CONGRATULATIONS you have retired from the last level and your on to the next one, Go Tyga.

Wow... | Reviewer: Does it matter?
    ------ About the song Wish performed by Tyga

This is probably the worst interpretation of a songs' lyrics I've ever seen in my life. Whoever wrote this is either half deaf or incredibly retarded. I'm going to need to change this.

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