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Not long ago - Tyga (born Michael Stevenson) was just another kid from the hood struggling to rise above the negativity that surrounded him. Born and raised in the infamous Compton, CA armed with nothing but an amateur mixtape and hunger, he built solid local buzz through impressive live shows and an online hustle. Still, a kid with lofty dreams wondered if he’d ever catch that “big break”. Then one day a conversation at a popular LA sneaker store changed everything.

In the aisle of Flight Club LA he and Travis McCoy from Gym Class Heroes had a debate that switched from ranking the greatest Jordans ever to the greatest rappers. "We started talking about music and I got enough courage to give him my little mixtape" Tyga says. "He was telling me all this stuff he was doing with his band and I thought he was just lying to seem cool. Then one day I saw him on MTV, then I started hitting him up on AIM non stop!" he says with a chuckle. "Next thing you know I'm on tour with him going all over the world. It was crazy." Travis relates “I can see myself at his age whenever I watch him perform. It’s an innocence and a sense of urgency a lot of artists today lack and it’s an honor for me to welcome him to the inner circle”. Travis signed Tyga to his Bat Squad Records imprint. A bond had been made indeed.

Tyga soon became an unofficial part of Gym Class Hero’s crew and his undeniable presence would be felt at various events, appearances and shows. People began to wonder “who is this kid?” His charismatic swagger gave off the aura of a star while he patiently waited for his real chance to shine.

That moment came at the 2007 MTV Video Music Awards. The night before the show Tyga found out that he would be perform the "Arms Race" remix with Fall Out Boy alongside Travis and Lil Wayne. Unexpectedly thrust into such a huge arena, most young artists would crumble under the pressure. Instead, Tyga stepped up and traded vocal jabs on a stage full of pop-culture heavyweights in front of millions of viewers. The star had arrived.

Thoroughly impressed by the youngster's gusto, Tyga and Weezy became fast friends. Wayne remembers “At rehearsal I thought he was just a stand in, but when the cameras were rolling I realized he wasn’t playing around”. Soon, Tyga would find himself in the studio with the self-proclaimed "greatest rapper alive" laying down verses for an appearance on the most anticipated album in years - Lil Wayne's The Carter 3.

Another famous musician known for his ability to spot talent - Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz also took notice. He was so excited he suggested his label Decaydance team up with Bat Squad on a release for Tyga. “Gym Class’ success has opened a lot of new doors for us, “ Pete says “Yeah, it’s different but I think it’d be pretty lame if I only put out stuff that I thought everybody loves or gets. To me this is the future.”

The press has also taken notice with early mentions in Blender, AOL.com and MTV. VIBE magazine even declared him as one of the best undiscovered rappers in America. The fact that momentum has started rolling in Tyga’s favor has not been lost on the humble artist. “I truly am blessed to have such great people believing in me. I’m real lucky and I can’t wait to get out there and make everyone proud. I just gotta stay positive, keep my faith in God and I know things will turn out great”

Tyga’s aptly titled debut album NO INTRODUCTION is set for release this spring. The lead single - “Coconut Juice” - produced by SAM & Sluggo (Gym Class Heroes, Method Man) is a track just screaming to take over radio. Tyga explains the meaning behind the unusual phrase “I don’t drink alcohol, so at parties I would just walk around with a cup mixed with whatever else I could find. When people asked what I was sipping on I would say ‘coconut juice’ because it sounded funny. So I made a song about it.” The album also features diverse production from Patrick Stump (Fall Out Boy, The Roots, Lupe Fiasco) and Stress (Ghostface Killah, Cassidy) as well as appearances by Stump, Travis, & Lil Wayne. Ladies & Gentleman, meet the most famous unknown artist in music, someone who needs no introduction – TYGA.

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Bitches love T-Raww | Reviewer: ig @thuglovestyga | 12/25/13

omg omg omg i hope you read this tyga ! well love you soo daimn much , ima see you on January 17 (: . I already got my ticket i swear im soo happy im really excited for that day on tha real ! Well i hope that i could get an autograph that day <3 , love you tyga your the flyiest & most handsome rapper ;3 your music is just too amazing i love it & i love you, keep on doing what your doing & say hello to your son king for me . You and blacchyna are a cute couple wish you guys the best . love you all muah <3 (:

sincerlly , your fan since 2011

My Man Hero | Reviewer: Renee | 12/6/13

Dear Tyga,I love you so much and know that you are doing good, and I am your biggest fan alive! and I hope to see you in one of your conserts in a few years.And one more thing, I have a notebook full of you! and on my phone there is a background of you and my computer. I love you sooo much!!.I understand that you might not reply.Love you!.

LastKings, | Reviewer: tara | 11/1/13

Omg i love you sooo much, i know ur probbaly not gonna reply but plz at least say something bcoz i am one of ur biggest fans and beleive it or not ive been to lyk nearly all of ur concerst and my whole wardrobe is full of lastkings clothes i love lastkings and juss carry on doing what ur doing bcoz ur are AMAZING!!! And dont care about what those haterss say bcoz they are juss jealous
LOVE YOU xoxoxoxox plz replyy xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

lastKings, | Reviewer: tara stevenson | 11/1/13

You are my idol and i hope to u see u next concert and i really wanna hug u and give u a kiss
And u are my favourite rapper ever and im not even lying i would do anything juss to meet u i love you sf much and congratylations with ur baby 'king cairo' love that name and ur clothesss and awesomeeeeeee i love it soooo much

I love you Tyga <3 | Reviewer: Crystaaall | 9/9/13

Well Tyga I love you so much <3 your my everything , my inspiration , and my world i don't know what I'd do without you <3 you probably won't respond but I love you , and I respect your family even thoe I would love too be your girlfriend. I fuckenk love you tyga only if you know who I was I'm your biggest fan ❤❤❤💜💜💜😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘👍👍👍

Rawest nigga! | Reviewer: Rafael | 7/23/13

Am from a small place called uptown and we live a ghetto life,we love listening to ur music alot and we like all of ur tracks,we look up to u and we know ur a good rapper but all we ask is,don't be part of them.i hate it if u belong.God is all!

#liveyoung #lastqueen | Reviewer: Alondra | 6/26/13

Most of us feel real dumb not getting a respond because yall are busy & see the same shii all the time , but we just want you to know how we feel & over exaggerated. Your just amazing & you show many of us to do what we want & not care what others think , just to keep Living life the way you want and thank god along the way . I love you , the way you are , your music . Everything , your handsome , & your baby momma is a very lucky women to have someone like you , i hope she realized what she has , not only perfection , but a king <3 . I love you Michael Ray Stevenson <3 T.Y.G.A (':

edithsantanalovesyou ;* | Reviewer: thuglovestyga | 4/4/13

OMG michael stevenson im in LOVE with YOU and your music <3 . look babbby you mean tha world to me no lie . without your music ihts like tha earth with out no light D; . i REALLY HOPE to see you on april 25 in phoenix , i want to kiss you(; . you are my idol, my king , MY EVERYTHING <3 ' Blac Chyna is a really fuking lucky women to have you , im jelouse of her o; . ill do ANYTHING just to chill with you for a day that will be dope asfuck (;. well deuces ;* i hope tyga actually reads thiss and not sum one else -.-

OMGOMGOMG | Reviewer: Lory Stevenson x3 | 3/3/13

i have been your fan since 2011. <3 omg if i were to ever meet you i think i would pass out. i would take like 167392782 pictures , and try to get your autograph. your one of my idols, i swear everytime someone says something about you i go OFF. i even wanna get "Thank You God Always" tattoo'd on me. even tho im only 13. idc, me and my boyfriend always argue how your my "husband" lol. nothing gets serious tho. i have a bunch of things from Last Kings . lol well. yeah. omg <3.<3 your perection. so is your baby , like aw. que cute. my birthday is in may. and my birthday wish is to meet you :/ that would be a hell of a birthday :O !

Tyga Fan Till The end(: | Reviewer: (: | 2/4/13

Tyga i Love How u rap i'm In Love with your music.
I always Cry When I see The Video Too Far away.
Well Your My Favorite Rapper And Always Will Be hope to Hear Some New Hit Out There

Your Biggest Fan(:

Tyga is throwed | Reviewer: damia jefferson,destiny burton | 1/24/13

Me and my friend Destiny always wrote note to each other sayin stupid stuff about you like tyga dont want you u .somethin like dat .everday too.we used to alwats get mad at each other wen one of us kno all of your lyrics to a rap.we be like i geuss u think u sweet just because u kno his lyrics.and i think every person in the school know tht u are favorite rapper.boys be like hop off of tyga bro.oh yeah in are nots we be like yo name retarded tyga said yo name be MAKIN IT NASTY.Today we still sendin notes i juss gave her one and she gots to give me mines.So i got to go cuz im in school and we doing a project on any celebrity and write about their life...of course i was doing you.people asked me if i was n i said yes.IM GONE ..lol we lame

got big love for you tyga/ onalenna jonathan | Reviewer: 0733391099 | 12/17/12

Well am from south africa and am a big fan of tyga's music you are my role model!! Eix can't say much I would just like to meet you one day, it would really mean the world to me!! You know I listen to your music everday!! And I got all of your albums ish I Love you tyga

biggest fan | Reviewer: jessica | 11/24/12

Hello Tyga I'm really a fan of your music and of you! You give me so much hope I listen to your music every day my favriote song is "no luck" and "lap dance" I moved from south Africa to Australia Perth it was really tough for me cause I'm 15 so I had a lot of depression and guilt and anger so I started listening to your music and it really helped me it still does! All I ever want is just to meet you! It would meet the world to me, I couldn't meet you last year in south africa cause I was on holiday and now I really would like to meet you! Jessicajenniferarnolds@gmail.com

hey tyga!! | Reviewer: megan owens | 10/24/12

I've been a fan for about 3 years! I love listening to your music an I absoloutley love your style! I'd do anything in the world to meet you! Your honestly my favourite rapper ever! I love all your songs but I have to faves! Coconut juice an diamond life! One last thing, if I could rap you would deffinatley be my idol! Xxxxx

hey tyga | Reviewer: TYGA FAN | 7/18/12

you are my favorite rapper ever you are inspiring me to follow my dreams. someday i would like to be a part of YMCMB i want to be just like you! although theres no big chance somebody will find me i still hope i could get a chance

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