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Carly Simon Two Little Sisters Lyrics

Last updated: 12/30/2013 07:02:05 AM

Two little sisters gazing at the sea,
Imagining what their futures will be.

The older one says, as her eyes look around,
"I will go as far as the corners of the town.
I'll plant a little garden, flowers everywhere.
And pluck the most fragrant for my hair."

Two little sisters gazing at the sea,
Imagining what their futures will be.

The younger one stands with her eyes open wide.
And says, "I'll go as far as the corners of the sky.
I'll gather all the stars each night as they appear,
And pick the very brightest one to wear in my ear."

I didn't choose you and you didn't choose me.
I didn't choose you, who would guess we're from the same family?

But, what will you do when the nights get cold?
When the stars grow dim and your dreams seem old.
Watcha gonna do when winter calls,
And your flowers fall from the garden walls?

I'll come home to you, you'll come home to me.
My love will be your remedy.
I'll choose you and you'll choose me.
We'll be two daughters dancing by the edge of the sea.

Thanks to Lisa Vargo for submitting Two Little Sisters Lyrics.

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my sister and me | Reviewer: Sherry | 12/30/13

I heard this song on Marvins Room. My mom passed from cancer three years ago. My little sister took care of her for her final years and we were both there with her during her final moments. We had a falling out two years ago and havent spoken to each other since. I broke down and cried when I heard this song. I miss her and wish we could make amends. We used to talk about growing old together and what it would be like.

my sister-my soul | Reviewer: Jewel Masters | 9/11/12

My sister and I were very close, she was four yrs. older, but we did everything together. Hubby, me & kids moved from Md. and I missed her so. When she retired, she came to live with us - only five yrs.- cancer took her nine yrs. ago. I love this song and only Carly could sing it so beautifully, but I can't listen too often because I breakdown- even now I sob. I was the sis who looked to the stars, she was the angel who was loved by family members on both sides. I only watch Marvins Room on weekends because it takes me two days to get control of myself - I love the movie (have only watched it twice) and adore this song. When I tell others about it, I must write the lyrics because to say them causes me to sob - this song (all of it) is my sister & me.
Thank you, Carly thank you so much

two Little Sisters | Reviewer: rita gallagher | 8/23/10

My sister Joan first had me listen to this song. It reminded her of us as kids. She was the shy one while I was more adventures. So I guess you know which one she said was me. The one looking at the sky. I lost my 2yrs older than me sister Joan 3 weeks ago and my nephew Howard her oldest of six children made a family memorial dvd, and when he went through the pictures of Joan and me when we were young, up to our wedding days, this song was played in the background. I once again was back to the days of our youth and the day she first played it for me. We laughed as we often did when we got together. I miss her a whole bunch but I know she is watching over me along with my brother Joseph and they are praying for me. Thank you for writing this song and many other songs that tell a story and touches someones life and heart. Thank you again Carly Simon. Rita Gallagher

2 lil sisters | Reviewer: :) | 8/16/09

I really want to see marvins room coz im a massive meryl streep fan! I love this song, it means so much, I listen to it all the time on my ipod.

Thanks carly for bein such a great singer and songwriter.!
an meryl i love you so much

Two Little Sisters | Reviewer: Dana Frisk | 2/3/09

I, too, just saw Marvin's Room and was reminded of my own sister. I recently went through cancer and was lucky to survive it. My sister was always there for me, when I let her be, and I love her dearly for everything she is.

Thanks you Carly, for such a beautiful song

Onesan-Sister | Reviewer: Morikahjo | 9/30/08

I heard this song from Marvins Room too! It really stood out to me...I had never heard it before but she sings it so beautifully and the piano seems a little haunting at times...I Lve It!

It doesn't give me good memories all the time...I have cousins and their mom almost adopted me. During my stay with them, I grew very close to my younger cousin...And my relationship with my older cousin was bad. I'd make her mad and she'd hit me...We fought very much.

So when I hear this song...I smile for my dear little Sister\slash cousin, whom I refer to as Nezumi, or mouse. But I Cry for regret that me and my elder cousin couldn't be close...I DO miss and love her very much. :)

Two Little Sisters | Reviewer: juli | 9/28/07

I just saw "Marvin's Room" and this song was the song they played during the credits. I have one sister who is now taking care of me, and it hit me very hard when I heard Carly Simon sing it. Can it be downloaded from any site?


The Song "Two Little Sisters" | Reviewer: Nadine | 3/16/07

Hey ;)
i´m searching for a long time for the song "two little sisters".. and maybe you have this song? can you please send it to me?