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Two-headed boy
All floating in glass
The sun it is past
Now it's blacker than black
I can hear as you tap on your jar
I am listening to hear where you are
I am listening to hear where you are

Two-headed boy
Put on Sunday shoes
And dance round the room to accordion keys
With the needle that sings in your heart
Catching signals that sound in the dark
Catching signals that sound in the dark
We will take off our clothes
And they'll be placing fingers through the notches in your spine
And when all is breaking everything that you could keep inside
Now your eyes ain't moving now
They just lay there in their climb

Two-headed boy
With pulleys and weights
Creating a radio played just for two
In the parlor with a moon across her face
And through the music he sweetly displays
Silver speakers that sparkle all day
Made for his lover who's floating and choking with her hands across her face
And in the dark we will take off our clothes
And they'll be placing fingers through the notches in your spine
And when all is breaking everything that you could keep inside
Now your eyes ain't moving now
They just lay there in their climb

Two-headed boy
There's no reason to grieve
The world that you need is wrapped in gold silver sleeves
Left beneath Christmas trees in the snow
I will take you and leave you alone
Watching spirals of white softly flow
Over your eyelids and all you did
Will wait until the point when you let go

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the second head | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/18/11

is not referring necessarily to some sort of 'freak' as certain posters here have written, although that connotation of being outcast may have been intentional on the part of jeff writing the lyrics, but i think it's more in reference to the other lines like "i am listening to hear where you are" and "catching signals that sound in the dark" where he implies some sort of vicarious experience from the first person to her subject of interest, the two-headed boy, whose second head is actually her head. magnum has said that some of his work has been "inspired" by anne frank, so that's definitely not to say that it's concretely based off of and written about her stories, but that he simply got ideas from it and more likely that it influenced or was influenced by the dreams he said he had been having about a jewish family in europe during the holocaust. from this song, it sounds like something he got from his dreams was that the boy ends up dying in the snow somewhere, and the girl gets gassed "choking with her hands across her face", or else has some sort of respiratory disease. frank avoided being gassed by luck of just having turned 15 a bit before arriving at the camp, as well as everyone else she had been hiding with in holland being exempt, but she did die of typhus, one of the symptoms of typhus being severe coughing. wikipedia yo.

Close... | Reviewer: .... | 6/6/11

Though the song (and album for that matter) has obvious literal implications, the band intended for a connection to be made between a freak of science struggling for life, and the average person looking for happiness. And I'm fairly certain it has nothing to do with rape...

Fantastic | Reviewer: Alsius | 3/12/11

The entire album's excellent, and this is my favorite of them.
Again, the album is basically about the Holocaust. The concept of a two-headed boy and everything else in the lyrics reminds me of the tests carried out by Josef Mengele during the Holocaust--sewing people together, covered in water and tossed out in freezing temperature, the works. The "dance around the room to accordion keys" sounds kind of like he's being humiliated for their amusement.

Bloody Hell! | Reviewer: Emma | 3/6/11

I am a dresden dolls fan and as much as i love amanda and her version i still love the original too, probably prefer it even, but give amanda some credit! i wouldnt have heard rthe original if i hadnt heard her cover as that was how i leaned about the song. I love both versions and always will, end of fxckin story :D

Dear nmh fans and addicts | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/26/10

Stop trying to give one of my favorite songs meaning! It takes away the poetic mystery that only the artist knows the answer too! I love all these clever explanations and It gave me joy to read the commentary of others but the quote ignorance is bliss plays a part in all forms of understaning art.

NMH | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/19/10

Given the whole Holocaust theme of the album,
I believe this song is about the experiments the Nazis conducted on the two-headed boy ("tap on your jar", "pulleys and weights", etc) while his lover, Anne, was dying in the gas chambers ("choking with her hands across her face"). The part of taking off your clothes doesn't seem sexual at all to me, they just stripped them all down before killing them.
I think he believes they managed to somehow communicate with each-other during this horrible time, possibly telepathically, using the vibrating needle in his heart that made a radio played just for two...
I might be wrong. Regardless, this is an amazing song.

love love love nmh | Reviewer: kath | 2/16/10

I know this album is about anne frank and WWII... I figure that the "two-headed boy" is the two peters anne loved because she talks about them becoming the same person in her mind...
this is such a beautiful song on a perfect album. when I first heard neutral milk hotel I couldn't listen to anything else for months.

so | Reviewer: serk | 11/12/09

This song is about getting raped and getting jizzed on. Two Headed boy is referring to...another head.
It didnt come to me until this line "Watching spirals of white softly flow Over your eyelids and all you did"

I really like the song | Reviewer: Marina | 4/12/09

I think that the emotions with which the performer sings the song are important. And I think the one who wrote the song can often put the most emotions in it.
(sorry if my english is hard to understand, I'm not a native speaker, I just learn it at school)

^_^ | Reviewer: Matt Perron | 10/14/08

Oddly enough, I like the original better. I say oddly, because I heard the Dresden Dolls version first, and on top of that, I practically worship them. On another note, I don't think it is wrong to think a cover is better that the original version of a song, someone could be a great songwriter, but a terrible performer. I think that Michael Andrews and Gary Jules version of Mad World is better than the Tears For Fears original. (sorry, that is kind of a typical example)

OH come on... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/16/08

There is no need to dispute which song is better! The cover or the original! The dresden dolls have a way of expelling emotion in everything that they do, and obviously, Neutral Milk Hotel can write some amazing songs.
No need to argue,
Just enjoy gentlemen
(and ladies)


ONly one version | Reviewer: Mozzer1152 | 2/9/08

What makes this song so good is the raw emotion and longing that is in Jeff Mangums voice. Saying that a cover of a song is better than the original version is just a crazy idea since the hardest part of the song is writing it. Give one of the best bands of the last 25 years some credit. He is the man.

Yeah, I like the Dresden Dolls version better | Reviewer: Daniel | 1/27/08

Amanda Palmer's voice is gorgeous and really emotional, suiting the song perfectly. Jeff Mangum's one is rather harsh. Still, he's the guy who wrote the thing, can't say bad things about that.

dance round the room to accordion keys | Reviewer: two headed girl | 12/30/07

The NMH version of this song is definitely best.

The Mountain Goats are a wonderful band and have amazing music of their own. If you take their cover of this song for what it is (a cover) it's not bad. John Darnielle has an interesting voice in the same vein as Jeff Mangum.

NMH is singularly fantastic, however.

The real meaning. | Reviewer: Klaus | 12/9/07

This is about a twin who gets experimented on, and his other twin witnesses it and feels it. At the end when all the sick doctors are done and the twin is dead, the boy takes his dead twin outside to bury him in the snow. The angels come and greet him and take him in to heaven.

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