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Brad Paisley Two Feet Of Topsoil Lyrics

Last updated: 03/03/2005 11:00:00 AM

Yesterday I thought that I was low as I could get
I had hit rock bottom ever since you up and left
But this morning when I saw you with somebody else well needless to say
That's when I started sinking even lower and as far as where I am at today

Well there's two feet of topsoil
A little bit of bedrock limestone in between
A fossilized dinosaur a little patch of crude oil
A thousand feet of granite underneath then there's me

I was kinda hopin' I could dig my way back out
A couple dozen roses maybe get you back somehow
But the love in your eyes as you talked to him today was plain to see
So I ain't gonna get involved but should you change your mind
Well you know right where I'll be

Yeah there's two feet of topsoil...
[ fiddle - guitar ]
Well there's two feet of topsoil...
Yeah there's two feet of topsoil...

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