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Back in 1992, The R.O.C. and his cousin Evol formed
"Strength Productions" and released one tape called
"Rollin' With Strength" which featured J-Ho (Lavel), J-Mo
(Anybody Killa), Big J (Jamie Madrox) and EXP (Monoxide
Child). That year J-Ho left the group because it wasn't
getting anywhere and J-Mo went along with him to form The
Krazy Klan.

Evol left and went solo. The R.O.C., Big J, and EXP also
left and formed a group called "The House Of Krazees". They
started recording and worked with Scott Chapman who
produced the groups' More...

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Review about Twiztid songs
Absolutely Amazing | Reviewer: Brian A. Rogers
    ------ About the song LDLHA-IBCSYWA performed by Twiztid

This is one of the best songs I have heard in 40 years. My hat goes off to Twiztid and their whole career. Keep going guys, you truly are talented and amazing. Good luck in the future!

Lyrics Correction | Reviewer: Caesar
    ------ About the song Unstoppable performed by Twiztid

Just wanna correct the chorus -

I can reach for the stars but I'll end up down here, no matter what it takes I'm-a still keep on fightin I'm unstoppable til my last breath and my heart stops beating, I'ma never give up on me again, no matter how rough and no matter how much shit this life can shovel in my path I'ma still be all okay

fix the lyrics... | Reviewer: twiztidbitch
    ------ About the song LDLHA-IBCSYWA performed by Twiztid

love the song but misses her hands is with scissor hands and thats madrox's part not monos part. the parts that are labeled madrox's part are mainly monos part. the second ? mark u have for missing lyrics is but its nothing to do and getting rest.

Didn't want to write full lyrics | Reviewer: JamieMadrox
    ------ About the song LDLHA-IBCSYWA performed by Twiztid

1) They tend to misunderstand the paper man
with scissor hands who watches the hourglass for grains of sand

2)But it [?] n getting rest instead I use it as an escape from all the mess
Nuttin seems to matter I’m only getting sadder n sadder

3)Like a piece of my life's puzzle that's been slipped under the carpet And until this day I’m feeling like I’m never gonna find

4)But sometimes that cigarette is just smoke in the chest I lay in bed
with nothin to do n getting rest instead I use it as an escape from all the mess

5)Totally hounding me expecting me to be like all the rest
And I gotta be honest I’m not sure who the f*** I am on a constant basis

Also the only verse that is Jamie madrox's is the first one and the other two are Monoxide! :)
So many faceless faces that are faced with
Nuttin seems to matter I’m only getting sadder n sadder

a kudos | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Afraid Of Me performed by Twiztid

I stopped listening to Psychopathic Records after a couple years in high school, realized they are just retarded low grade mediocre rappers at best but this song is always a true example of how to MC and they set their tone with it.

Perfect song | Reviewer: wicked_little_juggalette
    ------ About the song Whoop-Whoop performed by Twiztid

ok so a while back (like 3 weeks ago) I had a hater point outta his car and laugh so i flipped him off wht does the bitch do gets outta his car and walks up 2 me gets up in my face and says " why don't you go home u little clown u dnt belong in society" and then i surprised him with my fist to his eye maybe he will actually watch who he is talkin 2 next time

iz that really twiztid... i like it | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Darkness performed by Twiztid

when i 1st huard thiz song i did not belive it was twiztid 4 some reson... but now if my mom (who lovez like rock, and not ANY knid of rap) asks what i listen 2 i can show her and she wont get mad!!! WHOOP WHOOP!!! MMFWCL!!!

JM is a Borderline Faggot? WTF!? | Reviewer: GodLikeKinesis
    ------ About the song Speculationz performed by Twiztid

Nice song. Even with E-40. Usually don't listen to that cat, well Twiztid for that matter either, but still. Good job. Even with 40 spitting nonsense words like 'BIMP'. Uh, what the Hell is 'BIMP'? Could anyone explain, please?

thoughts | Reviewer: Kaizie
    ------ About the song Darkness performed by Twiztid

2 me this song was pointed to the world ( bigots,richies,haters) stuff lyk that lyk all theyve felt from the world is darkness n then the carnivale came around n jus lyk many juggalos and lettes they felt excepted

hells yeah | Reviewer: 40sac
    ------ About the song Zombie performed by Twiztid

yo, this is a fuckin super fresh ass track from the phatso and the chainsmoker. we collectively know as TWIIIIIIIIIIIZZZZZZZZTID. its on psychopathics from outerspace 3 from 2007. the dynamic duo gives us, wut i think is one of the best horrorcore tracks ever. call me crazy, but this song is a fuckin banger. after listening to this song i want to go attack sum neden, and get that bitch attacking me back. hells yeah. MMFWCL 4 life./ vette city fooo

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