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Flipping lyrics like a finely-conditioned rap acrobat,
Twista, formerly known as Tounge Twista, explodes on his
Creator's Way/Big Beat/Atlantic Records debut, Adrenaline

Explaining the title, the artist says, "My style was
designed to pump listeners up, and when I went back and
listened to the recorded songs, the only name that made
sense was Adrenaline Rush."

Adrenaline Rush represents a true evolution. Six years
earlier, Twista introduced his swift Chicago flow to the
hip-hop scene on the landmark first album, Runnin' Off More...

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Review about Twista songs
missing lyrics. | Reviewer: julian
    ------ About the song Beast performed by Twista

There is a whole part missing from this song. Between the likes " I know that ain't you and coming with some shit you you've never heard befor. I want to know what he says but 3 other lyrics site left this part out as well.

Alsip's theme song 1999 | Reviewer: Alsip's Finest
    ------ About the song Adrenaline Rush performed by Twista

A classic Southside Chicago staple. Twista was spittin 650 plus syllables per minute and Psychodrama brought the underground dynamic to the game. Chi Town 99, good times! All homegrown rap here in this song.

your the one for me/by;dondria | Reviewer: risha
    ------ About the song Wetter performed by Twista

i like this song very much ☺♦☻♥.lol i love it becuz you can express your feelings to him/her when you feel it's needed ,or mean't for.that is why i like/love this song or however you want to put it

get me wetter | Reviewer: daquisha miller
    ------ About the song Wetter (Get It Wet Pt. 2) performed by Twista

I like taht song because it's so real.I maen like having sex femakes can get wetter and males can do better but it all depend on the night it is. don't get me wrong we both can be worthless at time but at tha end of the day we both can do better and att tha end of tha day the sex be so good that you can go all day and night. i'm glad twista made that song. i love tha song and i love you twista.

twista | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Mista Tung Twista performed by Twista

twista was my inspiration for rapping first.. i love slow jamz can do tht eazy when iw as about 8 lol. this song is fast yes i agree and he does pronounce everyword/syllable but i do like Bizzy Bones music, i mean it flows harmonicly. hense the name bone thugs n harmony.
Bizzy bone- father
Bizzy bone - Fried Day
Bizzy Bone - one night stand
Bizzy Bone - looking the same
Bizzy bone - mercy mary
Bone Brothers - roller coaster
Bone thugs n harmony - Running wit the ak47

WAKE UP!!! | Reviewer: Moose
    ------ About the song Hope performed by Twista

this song is one of my favorite songs ever because its a very good way to tell bush he is a moron!!!!!! but it really tells the world that we need to step it up and quit their bitching about how we have a "bad" system and their the ones that are making it that way
it tells the parents the most because all things kids and teens do they get from their parents

Touching... | Reviewer: oregonguy65
    ------ About the song Hope performed by Twista

I don't like rap music much but a friend and I were talking last night about old school rap, which I liked in its beginnings. This lyric speaks loudly about life, the present state of our country and the need for change.

Excellent rap!
Bless you all.

whatever | Reviewer: Samantha
    ------ About the song Hope performed by Twista

this song is good, except i hate how people rap about things that CAN change. maybe if people in the hood would stop selling drugs and go get a real job and an education, their lives would be better. im just saying.

Great | Reviewer: mo money
    ------ About the song Hope performed by Twista

This is one of my favourites all time songs. I'm surprised twista did good on diz track. i thought he would be unsuitable for diz track but he killed it styll.. 1

hae gangstarh | Reviewer: kakapuzys
    ------ About the song Hope performed by Twista

hae twista im such a big fan ov urz n dz song z kewl.. n al im just wondar.n how da f*** can you wrap so fast..
by da way yur song z dedicated especially 2 mwah

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