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ForDireLifeSake Twenty-Nine Minutes Defend Tweny-Two Years Lyrics

Last updated: 11/02/2004 11:00:00 AM

( I cant remember whether this is all I ever wanted ) but I cant sit still. (still) I wait for something more. Something something something And I will be fine. (I cant be everything thing you wished you were but could never be) never again, together we bleed, we will realize these dreams. Our minds will rewind. When this dies. We will not compromise. But we will stay, we wont forget these friends. Keep seeing seasons change. Remembering yesterday, from another place, another cityscape. Another long highway, another rearview scene. Reflects our yesterday, these anthems of our change. All of the seasons change, another city scape. Another long highway, another rearview scene Reflecting yesterday, these anthems of our change. And seeing the worst has brought out the best in all of us. And we'll leave behind every long drive. On the coldest nights and the unfamiliar signs. The last time we shut our eyes. That's what it will take for ust to leave this behind. Tonight we set the stage and every memory burns us alive and I want to make your feel this. The shining light on us tonight I can't describe, I wont describe. But I want to make you feel this. You cant take this from us. Simple words are the ones that burn and you'll remember them until you fucking die. This means everything this Is all I'll ever have. Simple words are the ones that burn and I'll let them burn until I fucking die.

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