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Avenged Sevenfold Turn The Other Way Lyrics

Last updated: 12/28/2011 10:00:00 AM

Slit my wrists, take away the pain.
Slit my throat, there’s no one to blame.
Lost in the fields of confusion.
Restless nights, they're not far away.
Came here for something and I'm not turning back.
Strong in the mind but you still hold my keys.
Keeping my fate deep within your threshold.
Petty inconvenience but it means the whole world to me.
You hold the power.
To set me free.
Caught in your grasp now.
Just let me be.
Give me control out.
Out of these depths.
A fiery hell.
I pray for death.
I've been the wrong one time and time again.
Now I'm on my knees forgive me please.
Tore out my heart and handed to me on a silver platter.
Sew up the hole, empty in the place of compassion.
You made me this way.
I am the product of your creation.
Sew up the hole, right now,
Now you turn the other way.
You've turned away from me, the future's much too far away to see.
I hope you learn the truth,
not the way things were meant to be with me and you.

Thanks to Matt Marek for submitting Turn The Other Way Lyrics.

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lol | Reviewer: JohnsonWhite | 2/26/11

Avenged Sevenfold's music has changed my life.. I can't find a song they have that isn't badass. I blare their music every morning when I wake up. But I will have to say that this song is what people call "emo." Emo in my opinion is just someone expressing their deepest feeling. That's what makes a badass song.

To Joeto, I'm pretty sure To End The Rapture is the first song on the record. And to Nick, that is a pretty good interpretation.. Never thought of it like that. Lol

avenged sevenfold is legit | Reviewer: eric | 8/20/10

you guys are dumb. avenged sevenfold is tight all around. emo songs and loving songs. screamo and singing. dont dis cause its old and first album. still freakin kick ass more than most bands. this song is legit as hell. who cares if its emo. all bands have emo songs. those songs are great and they really get to the soul of people.

ugh | Reviewer: someone | 5/11/10

okay, avenged sevenfold isn't emo, this is just one of those songs. just cuz they have one song that sounds emo-ish doesnt make them emo. they are amazing<3 besides this was only their 1st album, give em' a break. Waking The Fallen encredible.

Best Ever | Reviewer: Jeff | 3/23/10

This is my favorite song Avenged has. Opening is great, just the way he screams yea right at the beginning just sets the tone for an epic record. I found this CD during a hard time in my life and it helped me get through it. I must say though, this song rocks my fucking head off.


Okay. Yes those two first line prove this song is emotional (not always selfdestructive), but in these lyrics they are self destructive. On the other way, they made this on their younger age so their vision to many things have changed, and theyre no calssified as METAL. and -SceneKid- is right, who cares about genre i the song is great?

ARE YOU RETARDED | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/9/09

For all of you ppl who truly believe that the title of one song for example one song being metal, the same band could write and emo song. This for instance would be an example of an emo song. Depressing. Look at the first two lines.

Nowhere near emo | Reviewer: MetalX | 2/26/09

This song is not emo at all ,its actually metal screaming listen to a faggety emo band scream and then to metal screamin, although i will agree some of the lyrics scream emo, but its not meant to be, plus they're genre is metalcore

a different approach, but not emo! screw emo. | Reviewer: Not Emo! | 11/27/08

this is just my own crappy ass interpretation, cuz i felt like this when i had this huge crush on a girl, it was at first, oh i want u so bad, but she never responded, and then i was pissed. felt like no matter what happened to me then, it just didn't matter, that as long as she knew and didn't care, nothing mattered. she could help me but didn't care, so i was mad at her, and told her to f*** off. this song really captures what i felt then, the anger, the desperation, and more rage.

Just a thought | Reviewer: Jay | 10/12/08

if you look at in the right perspective it almost seems like a religous song, like he is trapped in hell, and he's convinced its not to late to get into heaven, hes beging God for forgivness--->
"You have the power.
To set me free.
Caught in your grasp, how?
Just let me be.
Give me control out.
Out of these depths.
A fiery hell.
I pray for death.
I've been the wrong one time and time again.
Now I'm on my knees forgive me please"

im not sure if this is what this song is saying but its just a thought, any one have any other ideas about this song?

nope | Reviewer: nick | 7/18/08

not "emo".. Get over yourselfs haha. read the lyrics find a deeper meaning and relize its not "emo" and there are certain reasons he wants pain relieved. and also for all of you idiots. Emo is a type of music and not life style such as someone who slits there wrists the people that do that are called scene. Its annoying that people talk bout things they dont know about