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The Shins Turn On Me Lyrics

Last updated: 01/16/2011 10:00:00 AM

You can fake it for a while,
Bite your tongue and smile,
Like every mother does an ugly child.
But the stars are leaking out,
Like spittle from a cloud,
Amassed resentment counting ounce and pound.

You're entertaining any doubt,
Because you had to know that I was fond of you,
Fond of Y-O-U,
Though I knew you masked your disdain.
I can see that change was just too hard for us,
Hard for us.
You always had to hold the reigns,
But where I'm headed, you just don't know the way.

So affections fade away,
And do adults just learn to play
The most ridiculous, repulsive games?
On the faith of ruddy sons,
And the double-barreled guns,
You better hurry,
Rabbit, run, run, run.
'Cause meeting you was fun,
And there's a lot of hungry howlers in this one cell.
We're taking it over,
Their brittle, thorny stems,
They break before they bend,
And neither one of us is one of them.

And the tails will never mend,
'Cause you had it in for me so long ago.
Boy, I still don't know,
I don't know why and I don't care,
Well, hardly anymore,
If you'd only seen yourself hating me.
Hating me,
When I've been so much more than fair.
But then you had to lay those feelings bare,
One thing I know still got you scared,
You're all that cold iron,
And never once aired of our dead.

You had to know that I was fond of you,
Fond of Y-O-U.
So I took your licks at the time,
And to change like that is just so hard to do,
Hard to do.
Don't let it whip-crack your life,
And bow out from the fight,
Those old pious sisters were right
The worst part is over,
Now, get back on that horse and ride.

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I like that "I Still Don't Know" is capitalized; it's obviously the most important line. | Reviewer: Elinor | 1/16/11

I think this is a message from one lover to another. Not from a man to his ex. Not a (classic) story of unrequited love. Then this song wouldn't need to be written. The man is asking the woman not to be afraid and admonishing her for her inability to become free with him...or free him, it may be. She has been so afraid of the possibility before (particularly at some previous reckoning point I'm assuming) and that translated into a fear and a hatred for her lover... the only one who understands her. They have wrongfully grown apart because the woman turned absolutely around and ran from the question of their being together. Because it had powerful and uncertain implications. But, as the pious old sisters say, the worst is over. Now he is once again calling her to cross the threshold to pass with him into their unknown future. Aka the other realm....

One thing I know has still got you scared.
Yeah all that cold ire,
and never once aired on a dare

But she Still Doesn't Know even though sometimes she feels quite on her horse and ride. She still has a lot of dark items to reconcile herself to--within herself in the universe before giving herself to her moonlord/moonmother/motherorb

Love Faked | Reviewer: Carly | 11/26/10

I like to think it's about an apathetic relationship. She knows how much he loves her and how much it would hurt him to leave so she stays with him and says she loves him back. He knows she is lying but he loves her too much to admit it to himself.

<3333 | Reviewer: Emily | 6/26/10

The shins are amazing. Their music is hard not to fall in love with.. literally i tried not to like them for the sake of disagreeing with my father. I usually look up pictures of bands i like.. but i again 'usually' get dissapointed because it turns out the singer looks nothing like i pictured... so im scared to look them up lmao but either way, no matter what the singer looks like i will always love the shins!

Illuminati | Reviewer: jokanga | 6/27/10

i believe there is some secret message in this along with another meaning. the main meaning may be about a relationship but i sense it has something to do with the government's power. i love mercer's songs don't get me wrong. but i think there is a subliminal message here.

if you'd only seen yourself hating me... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/15/10

To me this song is about a relationship that has gone sour. The girl is tired of the guy.

First part...she's feigning being interested in him still and she just doesn't have patience for someone she doesn't care about anymore. That's why the negativity starts "leaking out".

Even though he started feeling how much she DIDNT like him he still loved her. Eventually he could tell that the transition from being a happy couple to the place where they were at the end was "just too hard" for them. They've broken up.

He's not sure if afections fade or if people act the way she did because they enjoy being cruel.

The guy's never gonna be right after loving her and he's upset because he feels like he never had a chance. She was planning this, it was a long time coming and he doesn't even know why. He pretends he doesn't care, but he still does. The guys wishes she would have known that she was going to hate him from the beginning. Then maybe she could have given him a heads up. He's kind of upset because he says he went out of his way to make her happy but it didn't work.

He stayed even though she was mean to him because he loved her. The song mentions again that the change they went through was hard. The guy's going to let go of her now...that's the worst part. But he will love again.

my interpretation | Reviewer: luke | 5/23/09

i believe that the song is about someone who is irrevocably in love. first verse: man disillusions himself into believing he has a chance with her, but realizes otherwise. first chorus: he knows that she knows about his feelings, and, although she wants nothing to do with him, she "masked [her] disdain." she also used him and toyed with his feelings, leading him on. second verse: he starts to mull over his feelings. he wants to stop loving her, but at the same time is still in love. he hates her and loves her at the same time. he realizes that he should be strong enough to break away. second chorus: he is all broken up, and will never heal from the hurt that loving her has left him. he's given her so many chances, and was so nice to her, but she still treated him poorly.
this is just my interpretation, as this way it really relates to my life... "falling in love is like wearing clothes on your face; it makes us such buttheads."

my interpretation | Reviewer: NotABigFan | 1/16/09

I think it might be about a friend who is jealous of the first person. They don't know how to deal, so they insult their friend ("So I took your licks at the time") of whom they're jealous, in an attempt to devalue them, when all it does is push that person away.

this song | Reviewer: amy | 12/14/07

I first heard of The Shins on Garden State - a film I love so much - and ever since then i have been in love with The Shins. All I can say is thank you so much Zach Braff for introducing The Shins to me.

heartbreakingly beautiful | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/27/07

came across the lyrics first, but adore the music just as much... what a gorgeous, passionate song... it reminds me of a tender but terribly bitter relationship i'll probably never get over

feels good | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/20/07

this song makes me feel good and happy every time i listen which is four times a day at least. not breaking up but makes me feel like if i was i would be alllllright.. beautiful lyrics rock on my shins.