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Link 80 Turn It Around Lyrics

Last updated: 04/16/2003 05:39:27 AM

Dire civilization getting high off misery lives wasted away flipping thorugh the channels on TV, we're taking our time, and throwing it away, a tomorrow's killed by yesterday, intimidation replacing unity, blacnk generation, community, more factories are going up, more people are falling down, it's up to us to turn it around... Turn It Around... we're rollin gdown hill and gaining speed, snowballing all the way illing everything we see, we're taught when we're young "don't bite the hand that feeds" but it covers our ears and shades all we see... living in a world made for one, lock the door, pull the shades, kill the sun, failure's all that I can get right, an empty hand and a bloody knife... Turn It Around...