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Mario Winans Turn Around Lyrics

Last updated: 04/27/2004 09:57:20 PM

oooh Baby
oooh Babe...

(Verse 1)
Everything you said to me tell me was i bugging, dreaming
Cuz it's not that real to me
there has been no sleeping,
iv'e been thinking of how I...

Begged to love me
(now you) want to leave me
(and it) hurts me deeply inside
(ooh baby how i..)
want to touch you
(and i) need to hold you
(baby) stay with me one more night (one more night)

Turn around, and take just one more look
See if your really sure,
that you can walk away
From my love,
i'm begging you to stay
Down on my knees to pray
That you will turn around and be my baby

(Verse 2)
All the moments that we shared
You could never put a price on us
I tried to trust in you
After all of this iv'e deered
You say that you are leaving
Have you been thinking (of how I...)



(Verse 3)
Just when i give in, your leaving
Don't walk away from my love
Can't go a day without your love
Your all i'm dreaming of
Just try again, beleive me
This is where love begins
Don't wanna here you say
That you wanna walk away

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