Turk Albums

  • Blame It On The System Album (2/22/2013)
    All U Hear
    Blame It On The System
    For The Hood
    Rack Attack
    Definition Of Real
    Zip It
    Thank Me
    Reunited Wit Da Block
    I'm Still Here
    Fast Life
    Closer To The Dream
    Man In My City

  • Raw & Uncut Album (8/12/2003)
    U Thought It Was Over
    Cock Aim Shoot
    Letter From The World
    Amped Up
    Keep It Ghetto
    Penitentiary Chances
    Dat Look
    I Been Through Dat
    Who Put It Together
    Macking And Pimping

  • Young and Thuggin' Album (6/5/2001)
    Bout To Go Down
    It's In Me
    Yes We Do
    At The Same Time
    Growing Up
    Untamed Guerrilla
    One Saturday Night
    What Would You Do
    Freak Da Hoes
    All Night
    Wanna Be Down
    Trife Livin'
    Hallways & Cuts

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