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Lynyrd Skynyrd Tuesday's Gone Lyrics

Last updated: 10/13/2012 09:34:27 AM

Train roll on, on down the line, Won't you
Please take me far, away
Now I feel the wind blow outside my door,
Meantime, I leave my woman at home, Lord and.
Tuesday's gone with the wind.
Oh my baby's gone with the wind.

And I don't know oh where I'm going.
I just want to be left alone.
Well, when this train ends I'll try again, alright
I'll leave my woman at home, Lord and.

(Tuesday's gone with the wind.) 3x
My baby's gone with the wind.
Train roll on.
Tuesday's gone.

Train roll on many miles from my home, See I'm,
I'm riding my blues away. Yeah.
Tuesday you see, she had to be free, Lord but
somehow I got to carry on.
Lord And.

(Tuesday's gone with the wind.) 3x
My baby's gone with the wind.

Train roll on.
Ahh on.
Cause my baby's gone.
Im riding my blues away.
Trying to ride my blues away.
(Ride on train.) 2x
Ride my blues away.
Goodbye Tuesday. 2x
Ahh Train.

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messiah | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/25/11

don't be so certain any of you know what this means to everyone. It's ambiguous and Tuesday could be the day, a name, or a drug reference. "Tuesday you see, she had to be free, Lord but somehow I got to carry on"- That could be along the lines of a voodoo child reference. Perhaps the mother smoked pot(Tuesday) while her child was in her womb, and then her child was born financially insecure because she spent too much money on weed(Tuesday) she could have grown for free had it been legal(free) to do. "When this train end's I'll try again, to leave my woman at home." That could be a pot head that has to hide it's stash at home or retreat home to get high to protect itself from reeking like pot in public. I'm not saying it wasn't about a woman or the day but it definitely could be about pot. "Tuesday's gone with the wind." That could mean a girl named Tuesday is getting stoned. It could also be the name of someone's pot that's being smoked.

how people become mean.. | Reviewer: idiot... | 6/4/11

A great song, today when I m feeling broken and how much i wished that she was here with me holding me..

Was just 3 years ago was so beautiful..those promises ..those love we made...and dream of having our house, our kids..
how i would do anything for her because for me it wasnt just was US...
but today feelings changed..and 3 years now she's matured...and she's been smart..she's starting thinking bout her profit and loss..and why not??
I miss raising my head and walking in front of people thinking my love was true, and how i had no respect for people who love just for sex..

I have learned it, people would do anything when they need you..they would go to any extreme...make me dream about everything..but once they loose interest on you..they can always blame time and make a fool out of you...

she was 15 when i started loving her, and she is 18 now, she moved on lot, for me...i still am stuck with those promises.. making our beautiful home..just she and me..

It's not far that she is going to leave me, and its going to be a simple reason " he was too good and i cant hurt him anymore" ...she was my first love.first person whom i opened myself.. .and i knw it will also be the last person..

she will be gone but i can never stop loving her and caring bout her......and this song... its going to be song of my life.

i will always love you

Cracking Song | Reviewer: Skynyrd | 1/21/11

I absolutly love this song first heard it whil playing Gutar Hero Mettalica and just thought that it sounded amazing the guitar work is briliant and the lyrics and emotion are fantastic just a great song all over.

Tuesday's Gone | Reviewer: Bleu | 10/14/10

Tuesday most certainly is the name of the girl, not the day that she left. "Tuesday you see, she had to be free, Lord but somehow I got to carry on" He is simply explaining how Tuesday, his girl, had to be free. Not Tuesday (the day she left) you see, she had to be free. That just doesn't make any sense.

Dichotomy | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/26/09

Tuesday isn't the name of the woman. Tuesday is when she left. However, she's not leaving permanently, because she's "still at home". He doesn't seem to be leaving permanently either, as he says "when this train ends I'll try again." He needs time to think. He needs to be alone. He's stuck in between continuing to try to stay with her and just leaving it all behind. However, the reference to the specific day she left might point to a hidden reference of the fact that he's not gone permanently, but just for the "blues day". He's pretty much taking the day off and this song was written right in the middle of the apex of his polar emotions. That's why it seems like a dichotomy exists in the song. Neither his staying or his going is finalized. It's a song of the moment.

wednesday | Reviewer: Sammy | 11/16/08

Whoever said it's about him having to let the girl go is way off track. He's the one on the train, miles from his home and he's leaving her behind. "i'm leavin my woman at home". He doesn't even state why he's leaving her, he just is. "She had to be free" is about all you get. Great song though

Tuesday | Reviewer: Tirith N | 6/22/08

Definitely one of my favorite songs.

As far as the emotions of the song...Nezra nailed it. As calming as this song may be to listen to, it's a song of lament for a lover who is leaving. The simple fact that the writer accepts Tuesday's need for freedom, and feels that letting her leave is what is best for her is what stops this song from being unrequited.

It's a bit of a tragic song...but is definitely one of my favorite love songs. Unlike most others, he isn't begging her to come back. He's lamenting, but not being childish about it. She's leaving...and he's moving on.

An absolutely beautiful song, and a great song to jam to with friends.

Tuesday | Reviewer: nezra | 2/29/08

Not unrequited love. Tuesday is the name of the girl. As for perspective, it seems to be complementary to Free Bird, in that Free Bird is about someone who wants to "fly away" and be completely free. It has not so much to do with the other person so much as the singer's love of freedom. It isn't a lack of love for the significant other but an excess of it for the world.

This song is complementary because it seems to express the opposite emotion, having a lover leave because of their love of the world. In the song, Tuesday (singer's woman) leaves because she "had to be free". Sound familiar?

He doesn't express any anger or even much sorrow, it's more of a lament or yearning for things to be another way but a knowledge and acceptance of the fact that it cannot be.

GREAT SONG ! | Reviewer: Bill | 12/5/07

This song is I think better than Free Bird. I am a realy big Skynyrd fan and the mousic that they play is very inspiering to people.

Tuesday | Reviewer: Skynryd | 5/12/07

I want to know why exactly its "Tuesday's Gone". What is the significance of Tuesday? It is obviously about love and loss, but why Tuesday?