Tsunami Bomb Albums

  • The Definitive Act Album (9/21/2004)
    Being Alright
    Safety Song
    I Bought You
    4 Robots And An Evil Scientist
    A Lonely Chord
    Negative One To Ten
    My Machete
    Tetanus Shot
    Dawn On A Funeral Day

  • The Ultimate Escape Album (9/3/2002)
    Take The Reins
    Say It If You Mean It
    Top 40 Hit
    The Simple Truth
    Count Me Out
    In This Together

  • The Invasion from Within Album (2/27/2001)
    The Invasion From Within
    No Good Very Bad Day

  • Mayhem On The High Seas Album (6/1/1999)
    3 Days And 1000 Nights
    R.V.E (Rotting Vampire Eyeballs)
    Cantare Del Morte (The Halloween Song)

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