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Mario Tryna Bring Ya Back To Me Lyrics

Last updated: 09/26/2013 01:23:11 PM

Tombstone, means our love was here
Left alone, with nothing but our fears
Never known
anything better than you aah
what do I do whaaaat?

Falling off every bridge I cross aaah beeping noise
turn that machine off I failed agaaain
tryna bring ya back to me, baby please just


Breathe, I kno your alive just
Breathe, atleast give a try girl
Breeeeathe, I kno we'll survive if you could just forget,
baby we could live

I know that im the one who took all of your care
when I left you standin there like thaaaat
I never thought you'd be gone girl its not faaair
ill wait for you to come back

Falling off
every bridge I cross

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