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Boy George Try Not To Be Afraid Lyrics

Last updated: 05/12/2012 11:00:00 AM

Don't be afraid
Don't be afraid
Try not to be afraid
So many things can happen
But nothing's ever quite as bad
As it might appear
I'll give you all I've got
You know I can't protect you
And try and stop you shading
Even one more single tear
Shelter from the storm
Refuged from the world outside
Safty from the danger
Escape from all the disapointments
the time has passed
Healing all the wounds
A wanishing of nightmares
And enter when this tortured night
Untroubled sleep at last
This is the waul I make
I see it all come true now
And all you have to do for me
Try not to be afraid
I swear I'll be with you
As long as that I may
You will always be with me
Try not to be afraid
Think of everything you've got
Try not to be afraid
Try not to be afraid
Try not to be afraid

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