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Billy Ray Cyrus Truth Is, I Lied Lyrics

Last updated: 06/04/2012 11:00:00 AM

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Scratched a heart on your door then I showed myself outside
Lashed my soul cross this twin-V horse and rode off in the night
Guess you noticed I'm gone and the low
Morning sun's cast some shadows with questions inside
So truth in this letter at dawn will shed a new light

Truth is I lied when I said I'd always be vour whippin' pet
I lied when I said I shouldn't mind the hurt I guess
When I pleaded and stated I needed you just to survive
Truth is last night when you tore my heart apart my mind began
Never thinkin' bout thinkin' like your fool again
And a freedom that filled me kept spellin' out truth as I'd write
Truth is I lied

Saw an image of you where the highway touched the sky
It was blockin' my view so I steered that thought aside
Now the morning and me ride a cold memory
Past tomorrow to some other town
Where we'll never care whether this truth was lost or found

Truth is I lied when I said I'd always be vour whippin' pet...


Truth is I lied

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