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The Gadjits Trusted Lyrics

Last updated: 10/13/2009 11:00:00 AM

Sometimes I wonder why I try so hard
To capture and obtain
all I see into my brain.
I sit in back of class,
don't talk to no one.
'cause I don't know no one,
I'll just ignore you if you talk to me.

Yeah, I never understood your games.
Paranoid about my feelings towards you
and I'm getting bored with you.
'cause your dependant like a leech.
Your sucking all my blood away,
I'm so glad you haven't stayed.

You're everywhere that I turn
and I think it's time that you learn
Don't believe the trusted,
they're gonna bring you down.

Just like a dog without a face
Your anecdote depressants never get you any place
You think in circles, never clearly.
people ask me if I like you and I always say "not really"

You're the girl who talks too fucking much.
Always got to get your fill of embarassment to get you well
I guess we know the real score.
despite what other kids might cry your stupid and I know you lie.

You're everywhere that I turn
and I think it's time that you learn.
Don't believe the trusted,
They're gonna bring you down.

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