Troy Ave Albums

  • BSB Vol. 2 Album (5/15/2013)
    Days Like This
    Bad Bitches
    Bang Bang
    Don't Kill My Vibe (Keymix)
    Like This
    Love Me Or Not (Keymix)
    We Aint You
    Young Lito Freestyle
    She Ready
    Heaven For A Gangsta (Freestyle)
    Give Thanks
    UOENO (Keymix)
    Light Up Freestyle
    The Appointment Interlude
    So Sad
    Hey Luv
    Who Shot Ya
    Thinking About You (Keymix)
    Be Killin Em
    Murder Scene
    Heavens Door
    Colombia (Keymix)
    My Type Of Party (Keymix)

  • BSB Album (3/5/2013)
    Last Rites
    The Symphony
    Drug Game
    So Ambitious
    I'm Coming Home
    Started From The Bottom
    Break N Bag
    Four Ring Thing
    Major Distribution
    Oh Baby
    Prize Fighter

  • White Christmas Album (12/27/2012)
    White Christmas (Intro)
    Anti Social
    All Birds (Keymix)
    Love Bands
    Karate (Keymix)
    Baby (Keymix)
    Concrete Jungle
    Holy Water (Keymix)
    Only Life I Know
    Love Sosa (Keymix)
    Prize Fighter
    Dope Boy (Hands Up)
    Red Lipstick
    All Gold Everything (Keymix)
    Cream (Keymix)
    The Love Broadway

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