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The Charlie Daniels Band Troubles Of My Own Lyrics

Last updated: 12/03/2012 07:46:24 AM

I was mindin' my business the other day just jukin' on down the street
When I seen this perfect stranger and he come slidin' up next to me
He said friend my old lady just threw me out and why I just don't know
But it ain't no joke cause I'm hungry and broke I got no place to go
I gave him my last twenty dollar bill and told him to go on home
And leave me alone

I don't want nobody whinin' at me I don't need nobody moanin' to me
I don't want nobody cryin' on me I've got troubles of my own

Well I went on down to this joint in town and found somethin' I didn't expect
I was having a ball when the door flew open and who walked in but my ex
She said your alimony payments' way behind it's six months over due
And if you don't straighten this out right now I'm gonna call the law to you
I said baby you'd better remember every dog's gonna have his day
And I just want to say

I don't want nobody whinin' at me...

The cops came through the front door and I went out the back
And I caught me a ride on a west bound freight train rollin' down the railroad track
I went on out to east St Louis and looked up this old friend of mine
I said I need a place to lay my head and brother I ain't got a dime
He said you'd better get on outta here hoy and he pulled out a gun
And I started to run

I don't want nobody whinin' at me...

I don't want nobody whinin' at me...