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Trollheim's Grott Biography

Last updated: 08/25/2004 10:01:27 PM

Trollheims Grott was formed in early 1997 by the two brothers, Spellgoth and TrollN (at that time T. Nattefrost). Although the music was not blackmetal, Trollheims Grott has always been aiming to the same goals as many individuals and bands inside the BM scene. Ever since has TrollSyndicate been seeking the most suitable form of music to express their misanthropic scenarios. First five demo/promo recordings contained harsh yet quite melodic metal music. They got both good and bad response from the audience. During that time Trollheims Grott played many live gigs mostly in Kuopio region. Two members joined and left Trollheims Grott due to their lack of motivation.

A. Hellwitch: Keyboard
G'blast: Guitar, Bass

In 2000 Trollheims Grott got signed by a finnish label Woodcut Records and first full-lenght album was released in 2001. Shortly after the their synth player, H. G. G. Void, died by his own hands. Few other individuals we asked to replace him but they had no time for the Syndicate. So they asked Ruho, who played in Funeris Nocturnum at that time, to join the Syndicate and so he did. "Bizarre troll technology" was a milestone in the Trollheims saga, as on that album the lyrics gave birth to the idea of the TrollSyndicate. Also some electronic influences were introduced to the audience. Soon after their bassguitarist Trolldröm gave up due to lack of time. He was replaced by Nuklear Korpse from Deathchain.

As the Syndicate maniacs began to work on the new material, they found the possibilities of electronic beats and sounds as an perfect way to annihilate mankind. The harsh electro beats and analogic sounds combined to brutal, fast and cold blackmetal-styled riffs was what the brothers had been seeking since 1997. "Bloodsoaked & Ill-fated" saw the ugliness and filthiness of this world in 2003. It recieved extremely good reviews (also few extremely bad ones, which could be seen) but only 2 gigs were offered to Trollheims Grott during that year. A big fucking dissapointment for the Syndicate extremists who enjoy a lot destroying live.

As for now, 2004, new material has been prepared and the style seems to be getting even more extreme. Eltronic noise combined to harsh yet fast BM. The lyrical style has evolved and many of the subjects concern terrorism as a way to get your voice heard. We´ll have to see what the future will bring... ´till then:

Against humans since 1997; Spellgoth