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Trivium Biography

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There's no such thing as a band born to greatness. To succeed in the world of music there's a whole energy-sapping storm of hard work to plough through. Florida's Trivium has surely earned the major contender status that has been afforded them by the international media. After spending the last few years up to their necks in blood, sweat and tears, the formidable foursome, whose 2005 sophomore release (and Roadrunner debut) Ascendancy made them a hit with discerning music fans everywhere, have paid their dues. Relentless touring around the world with over 350 shows in the past two years has sharpened the band's live prowess, making their new album, The Crusade, one of the most hotly anticipated hard rock albums of 2006. The level of charisma and energy that they've harnessed since hitting the global gig circuit has built Matthew K. Heafy, Corey Beaulieu, Paolo Gregoletto and Travis Smith a huge international fan base that is as devoted as it is ever growing.

Formed in Orlando, Florida at the dawn of the 21st century, Trivium was soon picked up by small independent label Lifeforce Records, which released their debut album Ember To Inferno in 2003. One track from this album appeared on a magazine compilation CD, which fell into the lap of Roadrunner Records Senior VP of AnR Monte Conner (Slipknot, Sepultura) who immediately heard the potential in the band. "Monte heard the song, gave our manager a call," recounts the now 20-year-old Heafy. "Of course, we all know who Monte Conner is so we started freaking out. It felt like fate because every time I turned on the radio or the TV, there was a Roadrunner band playing. It felt like some kind of omen." To drive it home for Monte, the band recorded a new demo and shot a video for the song Like Light to the Flies" and sent them to him. "He almost immediately responded, saying 'This is what we're looking for. Let's do this!' It was pretty mind-blowing."

In March 2005 the band released Ascendancy a bold and dynamic statement of intent that confirmed the potency of these young men's precocious talents and charisma. The album garnered a large number of frothing, ultra-positive reviews throughout the music press around the world, including the NY Times, Stuff Magazine, Revolver, Decibel and Metal Hammer, Rock Sound and Kerrang! in the UK, who declared Ascendancy 2005's album of the year. Trivium soon graced the covers of a lot of these magazines and picked up a fistful of coveted awards in the UK, including 'Best International Newcomer' at the 2005 Kerrang! Awards ceremony and several Metal Hammer Golden God statuettes. Suddenly it seemed that the sky was the limit! "The UK just rocked, right off the bat," smiles Heafy. &quotIt all happened so quickly. The first show we had in Wolverhampton, we were the first of three bands. We took the stage to this huge Trivium chant, something we never experienced before. When we finished our set the whole room cleared out and people were running out to get our signatures. It was an amazing feeling. The next thing we know, we were given the offer to play at Download."

Globally renowned, the Download Festival takes place on the hallowed turf at Donington Park - one-time home of the legendary 'Monsters Of Rock' festival. Trivium were eager to make their mark in front of such a huge audience... "We were booked to play on the third stage, playing to maybe two or three thousand people," recalls Heafy. "Then they swapped us to the main stage. We were all really stoked, but I remember that at 10:59am there was no one there at all. 30 seconds after that, 40,000 people came swarming across the hill towards the stage. We were thinking 'What the fuck do we do now?' The next thing I know we've played the biggest show of our lives."

Trivium didn't slow down after that tremendous accomplishment. Instead they continued to traverse the globe seeking to spread their metallic gospel. Festivals and headlining shows around the world followed. They even returned to Download in June of 2006, this time as one of the festival's headliners. In the U.S. they were one of the headliners on the Sounds of the Underground Tour. Upon the release of The Crusade, the band will embark on their first U.S. headlining tour and later, be direct support to Iron Maiden on their world stadium tour. "The ride has been completely awesome," states Heafy. "

"Everything that's happened in America, everything that's happened in the UK, all that has allowed us to make an album like this," says Heafy. As we got to the end we realized we were making something really special. To me, The Crusade is still Trivium. As a band, you can either release the same album again, keeping the same number of people interested and not really branch out, or you can evolve. I feel that The Crusade is the next logical step in our evolution. We took one big step between the first two albums, but this time we've taken about ten huge leaps forward."

"Every album title has been a statement about the band and where we were at that time," furthers Heafy. "'Ember To Inferno' meant that we went from a spark to something special. Ascendancy was about the dream of domination and a gradual rise to success. The Crusade is literally what we've been doing for the last two years, crusading around the planet and getting our music out to everyone."

Recorded at Audiohammer Studio in Sanford, Florida, The Crusade is a faithful account of a great young band's swift and bewildering evolution, from up-and-comer to world-beating behemoth. With long-time engineer Jason Suecof at the controls sharing co-production credits with Trivium, the album is as distinctive and immense as any other metal record in recent memory. It is a dazzling explosion of neck-snapping riffs, grandiose scream-along choruses and outstanding musicianship from all four members of the band. Drummer Travis Smith underpins the sharp brutality of his band's songs with a startlingly dextrous percussive attack, all machine-gun kick drums and octopoid bursts of round-the-kit athleticism. Bassist Paolo Gregoletto reveals a hitherto unheard depth and maturity to his playing through the album as well his inspired note-heavy runs and earthshaking bottom end providing a devastating counterpoint to his band mates' deft compositions. Finally, both frontman Heafy and his six-string counterpart Corey Beaulieu have reached a new plateau of blurred-finger brilliance, with instantly memorable riffs and ear-searing fret-melting solos. Additionally, on the album, Heafy sounds more raw, aggressive and emotive than ever before.

From the opening future-thrash twin-blast of "Ignition" and "Detonation," with their anthemic refrains and blizzards of lacerating lead work, The Crusade is clearly a body of work that could raise the bar for rock bands around the world. There's the staggering, precocious &quotAnthem (We Are The Fire)," which blends the scathing thrash riffs of Megadeth with the infectious swagger of Motley Crue at their succinct best. The intricate, rumbling bludgeon of "Becoming The Dragon" has a pummelling, cyclical rhythmic drive and soaring, left-of-centre chorus. The doom-laden, emotion-stuffed "And Sadness Will Sear", reveals a new, darker, edgier side to Trivium's otherwise hook-laden chops. The deceptively accessible "The Rising" is a sumptuous hymn hewn from the juiciest licks that boasts a phenomenal crowd-rousing chorus... imploring the faithful to &amplsquoRaise your voices with me...and sing this song of unity!' This collection of gems culminates in the album's monumental, shape-shifting title track a nine-minute instrumental monstrosity that twists, turns and torments the listener with rapid-fire tempo shifts, immaculate musicianship and a thrilling sense of adventure. It's an obscenely brave and ambitious end to a glorious collection of songs that seems destined to cement Trivium's reputation as the heaviest, sharpest, smartest and hardest working band of their generation.

"We're four very determined people," concludes Matthew. "When I was 12 years old and got into metal, I wanted to be in a huge band. That will never change. We don't take anything for granted and will work hard to make that dream come true. And we've only just started."

Thanks to ScottSCREAM for submitting the biography.

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They aren't that original. | Reviewer: Not a fan. | 2/20/13

Ever listen to H.I.M? How about Metallica? Sorry, they aren't that original. The Crusade for example. Please go listen to it and compare it to Metallica. Dying in your arms? Ever heard of Bark at the Moon? eh. Uhh how about Gunshot? Don't care about the music or genre. Just stating my opinion just like everyone else. I don't want to the the "I'm a little kid" talk. I'll just stick with my 80's Metal. You know, trash, etc. You guys should listen to more Megadeth and Iron Maiden. Since Iron Maiden is one of their main influences along side Metallica. Some of you fans are barbaric, they really aren't one of the best bands out there. You like them eh, you need to listen to the piece of mind album by Iron Maiden. Seriously guys, new music sounds like shit.

Just saying | Reviewer: Lucious | 4/28/12

Listen, people talk shit constantly on a day to day basis about the stuff they dislike. Why anger yourselves with their opinion? That's all it is, an opinion. I read some guys review about how they're not the best but their still awesome. That's his opinion. For me they are the best damned band in the world. This is because to me these guys are the reason I play guitar and attempt to sing. Artists like Hendrix, Metallica, AC/DC, Mudvayne and so on let me enjoy music. These guys do this to me and more, they inspire me. As far as my opinion goes they have not made one bad song as to where Metallica has, Zep, Megadeth, all of these have but that is my opinion. Some hardcore fans of theirs would not agree but who gives a fuck? It's their opinion. I have my own, so uow about we stop shit talking and just keep talking? Debate but stop fighting, if they weren't talented they wouldn't be on those stages performing

WTF is true metal? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/20/09

Youse are all fucking idiots. What the fuck is “true metal” the bands that created metal are far from what we call metal today, Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath are hardly “heavy”. And have youse ever heard anyone from Trivium say they where “true metal” no! They describe there genre as heavy metal with influences from thrash, grove, death and on there new cd black metal, hell Heafy is even influenced by The Beatles and Queen. Metallica where only writing original music when they started because wait for... It there wasn’t nearly as many bands back then as there is today, look at Load and Reload there pieces of shit and far from original. And to all the people that say trivium is the best band in the world you are idiots as well, just because there you’re favourite band doesn’t make them the best, considering there on of my favourites I can see there flaws and strengths just like every other band out I think shows a lot.

me again | Reviewer: ajax | 5/12/09

i just got shogun like 2 days ago and i can safely say it' my favourite trivium album
i got the special edish version it has a making of dvd and i dont know if the original release has any bonus tracks but this one does, upon the shores, poison, the knife or the noose and iron maiden. they are freakin awesome songs too.
but throes of perdition and down from the sky are my favourites.


Are you fucking insane!? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/4/09

I don't understand how you people could hate trivium unless you hate metal and hardcore in general. Song writing bad? i can't say any of their songs steal anything from any other band. you can't say that the drumming from pull harder is copying anyone else. one band didn't invent useing a double kick pedal at high speeds. its bullshit you could even say that. thats like saying nobody should play metal because its copying the very first metal band ever. You must be some kind of nigger loveing bitch to even think that trivium copies other bands. Matt heafy sings great. i want to see any of you TRY and scream words like he does while playing guitar. none of you probably even play guitar and don't realize how hard it is to play some of triviums fsater songs let alone play their songs while singing. so shut your god damned jew mouths and go listen to some fergie or something because it suits your gayness.

one awesome fucking band | Reviewer: coralee | 7/25/08

trivium love what they do
they're sooo different from any other band
you cannot compare trivium.
Matt Heafy has the craaaziest voice
ranging from screamo to suttle.
their songs have so much meaning its deep.
i fuckin love trivium

to whom it may concern | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/13/08

I just wanna say to all the trivium shit talkers that have nothing better to do but talk shit go suck a fat dick and choke on it. These guys have tons of talent and the fact that they change it up is slick. I love how every time i listen to there music i wanna go 90 miles an hour and not give a fuck how many tickets i get. The music moves me and has such adrenaline u wanna put your head threw a wall. How could you not like them. Its about fucking time somebody like this came to the scene. I hope the best for them and hope they keep the ball of bad ass albums rolling. Trivium is the fucking shit!

. | Reviewer: max | 12/25/07

i went to the black crusade bout a month ago and trivium performed as well as machine head. and the trivium guys are all in their early 20s. thats awesome if u ask me! when theyre all in their late 30's or 40s like machine head, the way theyre goin, they could b fukkin huge. theyre allready big now. who knows wot they could achieve?!?!

hkv | Reviewer: marty | 12/12/07

trivium is fuckin awesome....heafys scream sounds sweet as fuck. and i think the new album is wayyy better than the last ones bc he actually sings a majority of the time but still i havnt heard a song by em i dont like. all u ppl who say they suck can listen to goddamn yung thugg or whoever the fuck bc u obviously dont kno real fuckin metal

The Boss. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/19/07

FUCK ALL YOU NIGGAS, Trivium is one of the greatest bands of our time. but honestly there new shit is no were nere as good as Ember to Inferno, that will allways be Trivium's best album. SO FUCK YOU CUNTS.

i just have to say; | Reviewer: Siobhan | 11/3/07

Trivium, are Trivium, they are not like anyone else and i'm fucking sick of them being compared to different bands.
listen to Ember To Inferno then listen to Ascendancy, there's a few musical changes but not large variations.
no one bothered...
where as when they released The Crusade everyone went crazy and bitched.
i dont fucking care, their still the band i fell in love with 4 years ago.

to trivium | Reviewer: rocker | 8/4/07

trivium kicks so much ass. every album they release gets better and better. and to all you dumb fucks they arent copying metallica. and besides metallica sucks ass now anyway who the fuck would want to copy them. keep on rockin trivium and ill see you next friday at the family values tour.

Trivium Review | Reviewer: Justin | 7/5/07

I agree there is a vast majority of dumbasses on here who obviously think they know whats metal and whats not. I think Trivium is a great band, one of my favorites. The Crusade is a freakin awesome cd..its good to see a band changing it up a little..the new vocals from Matt are kickass.

Retards | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/29/07

All of you who say Trivium suck or Matt Heafy sux, you're complete idiots. he was playing and singing on Ember to Inferno when he was 16 years old for one. the riffs aren't similar to anything else and the solos are fast and unique. everyone who disagrees obviously has not listened to Trivium and therefore will never know what the fuck they are talking about.

About the artist/band Trivium | Reviewer: Dude | 6/18/07

People here are fucking retarded....Music is music..who gives a flying fuck if one person labels them Metal, the next person thinks they Prog. Rock. Get the fuck over and quit over analyzing the music, If the music makes you move, feel good and enjoy your day, then the music is for you, if the music does nothing for you, SHUT THE FUCK UP and don't listen to it. People these days are so fucking closed minded its fuckin pathetic. Half of you fucking people that are dissin Trivium because they are "immitating others" or "have no originality" are probably 15 years old and have no sense of anything Past Limp Bizkit. Shut the fuck up and let people listen to what they want and don't criticize for no damn reason. I personally like Trivium, and am Planning on seeing them at Infest: FMT in 2007, and i could give a shit less if they are metal, prog rock, pop, rap whatever you wanna classify them, because they play incredibly, and they are enjoyable to listen to. So all you little shitheads get the fuck over yourselves and quit being so 1 dimensional in your music.