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The only review.......that matters... | Reviewer: ComicBookGuy
    ------ About the song Sigmund and the Seamonsters performed by Tripping Daisy

The part of my inner child that isnt impossibly scarred by the wretched wasteland that is my childhood has a small part of it that somehow remains fresh, kind've pink and a little bit gooey. That small part is the bit of my brain that loves everything Krofty and my undying love for a freakishly small, ugly little sea monster who apparently had a midget up his butt the whole time they filmed the series. Now that is dedication and a credit to all sea monsters looking to ply their talents in the harsh, dry land of Hollywood. Can you imagine how hard it mustve been to deliver his lines when 5 minutes prior to filming his scene a midgets steps into his trailer backstage and calmy inserts HIS ENTIRE BODY into poor defenseless Sigmund.... My heart breaks everytime i hear this song... "you better run" we know why Sigmund.. "you better Hide" You poor poor thing. "Who ever heard of a friendly sea monster?" That was the issue really wasnt it Sigmund. You were a friendly Sea Monster and that filthy midget took advantage of you. Bastardos. A curse on all your small children....
In the spirit of Sigmund, a sea monster that never knew just quite how much he loved me without knowing it nor me... i hereby give this song and these lyrics a firm....
"best lyrics....ever", die young | Reviewer: amber
    ------ About the song I Got a Girl performed by Tripping Daisy

i love the song bc i've never herd a song that told so much ab myself. But if u could give that cd, i'll be your best friend, if u could email me back i love you long time. Na, im sorry i'm never like this, sorry for freaking you guy's out. PEACE

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