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Guided By Voices Tricyclic Looper Lyrics

Last updated: 08/01/2002 11:01:21 PM

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Tricyclic looper breaks his neck
brings down the walls says it cool
tricyclic looper says come on
tries it ? that's not my school
tricyclic looper free the man
the man who earns a chain a day
tryiclic looper it's a gas
freedom now and have some class
try issues field the play
try with me that's okay
drive around all your way
drive me
try issues field the play
try with me that's okay
drive me around your way
drive me

come on loop, loop
tricyclick looper loves his job
choose it that way he's a slob
tricyclick looper loves his job
scream and shot takes some drugs
and rides it out.
tricyclic looper
freedom man
freedom chump who broke his hands
tricyclic looper all they way
all the day and all decay
she don't nose around me
I'm okay without
don't you break me bottle baby
I'm the one that said that
triciclic looper triciclic looper
triciclic looper
come on loop

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