Trick Pony Albums

  • R.I.D.E. Album (8/23/2005)
    Ain't Wastin' Good Whiskey On You
    What's Not To Love?
    It's A Heartache
    When I Fall
    I Didn't
    The Bride
    Sad City
    Stand In The Middle Of Texas
    Hillbilly Rich
    Once A Cowboy
    Cry, Cry, Cry
    I Can Live With That
    Maryann's Song

  • On A Mission Album (11/5/2002)
    On A Mission
    Nobody Ever Died Of A Broken Heart
    I'm Not Thinkin' Straight Anymore
    Love Is A Ball
    Love Be Still
    A Boy Like You
    Hillbilly Blues
    Leavin' Seems To Be The Goin' Thing
    Whiskey River (Trick Pony with Willie Nelson)
    The Devil and Me
    Fast Horse

  • Trick Pony Album (3/13/2001)
    Pour Me
    Party Of One
    Big River
    Every Other Memory
    More Like Me
    Just What I Do
    Stay In This Moment
    On A Night Like This
    One In A Row
    Now Would Be The Time
    Can't Say That On The Radio

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